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Peroneal Tendonitis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you, wait where’s my Patronus? Expecto Patronum! It’s my
unicorn Kali who’s my Patronus! Are you going to help me with Patronus
tendonitis? I mean peroneal tendonitis? I’m going to
show you some stretches & exercises, so let’s get started. So the peroneal tendon runs along the outside of your foot, so a
lot of the stretches are going to be for your, calf, achilles tendon area, soleus,
all those muscles around the area, and then even for that tendon itself, so
let’s start off with a calf stretch. I like to use a little roll, you can use a
pool noodle you can use just a rolled-up towel or just hang it off the edge if
you’re sitting on a couch or a bed or something, but use something to prop it
up so your your heel has some movement. Then take a stretch strap or a belt. If
you don’t have one of these, you can use a big towel or even a dog leash, but
something that has a loop works best. Put it around the ball of your foot, relax
out foot and use the strap just to pull it towards you, so as you can see I’m
pulling my toes and my foot, but I’m not actively moving my foot, so you want that
the leg to be nice and relaxed, and then you’re just going to pull towards you,
and you should feel it stretching that calf muscle underneath, so you want to hold
that stretch for 30 seconds, take a little break, shake it out, and do that a
total of three times. So just getting a nice big pull in there, and then after
you get it stretched out, if you’re already in this position, you can go
ahead and do some exercises even though I probably do all my stretches first,
since I’m already here this is where I would want to be, so the the peroneal
tendon over here helps pull your foot outwards into the eversion motion, so
we’re going to exercise it in that motion and using resistive bands is the
best way to do it. In the thera-band series, red is the
second lightest, it starts off yellow then goes red, green, blue, and so on from
there, so you probably want to start off with the lightest one. If you don’t have
the thera-band brand, make sure you’re checking to see which one is the
lightest because you want to start off pretty light because if you’ve got the
tendonitis in there, it’s already a little irritated so you don’t want
something that’s going to irritate it even more. Make a loop with the band, put
it around the foot, and how do we get it to go outwards you might ask, well anchor
it around the other foot. So you want that knot to be in the opposite side
that you want to push out, so we’re going to go out this way, and you can make it
tighter by just tightening up that band a little bit. I like having that roll so
you still have the free movement of your foot, but try and move just at your ankle.
Sometimes people want to kind of move that whole leg, but this part should
really stay still and you’re just going to turn out and come back in, so that’s
that eversion, going out and coming back in, so it’s not
going to be a huge movement and this might be just a little bit irritating if
you have that tendonitis, so make sure that you start off of with that light band
like I said, and if you’re not getting good movement or maybe it’s hurting a
little more than you think it should, just try doing that without the band as
well. So now we’re going to do some standing up stuff. For the stretches and
exercises standing up, make sure you have something sturdy to hold on to, so a
chair or a countertop because some of it has to do with balance and you want to
make sure that you’re safe and you’re not all over the place, so now we’re
going to do a runner stretch for the calf. Hold on to something sturdy like
the chair, the leg that you want to stretch you’re going to put back behind
you, make sure your toes are pointed forwards and that your back heel is down,
then you’re going to take your front knee and lean forward until you
feel a stretch back there in your calf. If you need to bring that foot a little
more forward you can so it doesn’t put stress on there, keep that leg nice and straight, and just stretch forward holding that
for 30 seconds, and then doing that three times. So we can making sure that heel is
down on the ground and that those toes are pointed forwards, and then leaning in
until you feel good stretch in the calf area, then just changing that stretch a
little bit you’re going to stretch your soleus muscle. The soleus is right
underneath the calf, so you’re going to stretch it pretty similarly, except this
time you’re going to bend your back knee as well, and once you bend your back knee
that kind of takes the calf out of it so then it stretches the soleus. So bending
that back knee this time, bending the front knee, still keeping my heel down
still keeping the toes forward and then bending forward. Now sometimes people
feel this a little bit in the front and their ankle if they’ve got some
tightness in their joint, that’s okay because you’re still stretching that
whole area a little bit, that’s what you want, so same thing holding the stretch
for 30 seconds and then doing that three times on each side. So coming back up
shake it out a little bit, bend both knees and then bend forward trying to
keep that heel down. After you get that good and stretched
out, and then you’re going to do some exercises, so the next one is just going
to be a heel toe raise. Put your feet about shoulder width apart and again
hold on to something sturdy just so you have to have it for balance because if you have some balance issues, it makes it a little bit easier to focus on the technique if
you’ve got something to hold on to, so this time just want your feet about
shoulder width apart, you’re going to come up on your toes slowly come down,
and then pull your toes up, so it’s very much about the control. If you’re coming
up and then just coming right back down, you’re missing out on part of the
exercise, so make sure you’re going up then nice and slow down pulling the toes
up not taking your booty back, but pulling the toes up slowly coming down,
so if you need to start with both hands holding on to the chair or countertop
that’s fine ,but if you can get to 20-25 and it’s easy, then try just one hand
holding on, and then that’s easy just try maybe like a finger for a little bit of
balance holding on, but if you’re pushing down and your finger is getting bent,
you’re probably still putting too much pressure it is just a little finger for
some balance, and then if that’s really easy then you can try it without holding
on, but again if you’re not holding on you come up like this and you come
straight back down, you probably are not quite ready for it because you really
want to be able to control that motion coming back down. If all those become
easy, then you can go to just one foot going up on the toe, coming back on the
heel, and then doing the same thing, then one hand, and then no hands, doing it so
again if you feel a little unbalanced, make sure you’re holding on first. Then
after that, you’re just going to do regular single leg balance, and the
reason this is so good is because that peroneal tendon on the outside has a lot
to do with our balance. Our ankles, and our hips have a lot to do with balance,
so a good way to strengthen those after we get it healing, is just to work on
balance, so the same thing if you need to start off with holding on with two, that’s
fine, then you can go down to one hand fingers, then you can just go to one
finger, and then you can try balancing without anything at all. If you get to
this point this is pretty easy, then start putting a little bit of movement
into the balance by then just reaching forward a little bit and coming back, and
if you look at my ankle while I’m doing these balances series, it’s moving around,
but that’s okay, that’s what it’s supposed to be because it’s just trying
to find the center of gravity and it’s trying to find our balance, so if it’s wiggling, that’s okay, that’s completely normal, but if it’s hurting, then you’re
probably not quite ready for it yet, so the last exercise and stretch is going
to be on a step. So a pretty easy stretch for that peroneal tendon, you can use the
step, you don’t have to use the step, you can just do it on the floor, but I like
doing it on the step because I feel like it’s a little higher up and you can push
down a little bit, but since the tendon’s on the outside here, just roll your foot
a little bit on that step, and then push downwards, so you’re just kind of
stretching that tendon in that motion, so again you can do it on the floor, you
don’t necessarily have to do it on the step, but I like having a little bit of
bend in the knee because it’s not quite as much pressure on them. So when you’ve
got that tendonitis, you might want a little bit less pressure, and then you
can just put it down on the floor and then kind of push down, but you’re
pushing downward so it’s getting that stretch at the ankle, so that would be a
30 second hold holding it for 30 seconds, take a little break, and then do three of
those. Then the last stretch using a step for the Achilles tendon which is back
here, and so that gets tight often so a step is a great place to stretch that
out. Hopefully on your steps you have railings because again if you need some
balance, you will hold on to something because you’re on the edge of the step,
sometimes that’s a little hard with balance especially if you’ve got some
ankle issues going on, so make sure you’re holding on to something or have
somebody there that can hold on with you. Put the ball of your foot right on the
edge of the step, the other foot can stay completely on for some more balance, and
then you’re just going to drop that heel down until you feel a really good
stretch in there, and so this is one of my favorite stretches, I feel like it
really gets that spot in there and so again you want to hold that stretch for
thirty seconds, come back up, shake it out, and do that a total of three times. So
that’s a really good stretch there, and then the last thing with the step is
doing a sidestep up, and so what this does is since you’re doing a side word,
side words, sideways kind of motion, you’re really getting that outer tendon
working, and so that’s really good to help strengthen it. So with the sidestep
ups, what I like to do is when I go back or go sideways, go back just a little bit,
and the reason for that is if I just go sideways, see how my knee comes forward a
little bit, and if it goes in front of the toes, that puts a lot of pressure on it.
Now some people say just kind of stick your booty back, which is fine, but I find
that if you step back and out just a little bit, that’s just as effective, it’s
a little bit easier for people to get this motion because you’re still it’s
forcing you stick your booty out then just going straight out and having to
stick your booty out, so again you’re just going out and back, and so that’s
going to really do some good strengthening in those ankles there, but
make sure you do both sides because it’s working each side differently, and just
start off with about ten of those because it’s going to be a lot
especially depending on how high your step is, and then you can work your way
up from there. My unicorn Kali. So those are your stretches and exercises for
peroneal tendonitis. Make sure you help support our channel by clicking up here,
and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down here. Are you ready to get
out of here boom! Be safe. Have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


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    I did this exercise last night and my PT is way better today. Thank you Doc for this!

  61. Nicky Wilson
    Nicky Wilson March 31, 2019

    My foot has pain in the inside. Is this exercise good for that?

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  64. flinxyou
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    How many reps/sets for the various exercises? You mention 30 seconds for the static stretches, but nothing for the dynamic movements. And how many times a day?

  65. David Beneby
    David Beneby April 16, 2019

    Thank you so much for this video. Currently recovering from ankle surgery in case wear I tore my Peroneal tendon. I had been experiencing pain in my Firth metatarsal bone from the tendonitis. This video helped relieve some pain instantly.

  66. Robin Martin
    Robin Martin April 21, 2019

    Hi, Dr. Jo. Thanks for this great video!! I injured a metatarsul more than a few weeks back & after consulting doctor, realized it also flared up a bunion on one side of right foot, and then limping seemed to bring on peroneal tendonitis on the other side of the foot. Argh. Just started these exercises tonight & took notes too, and already feel as if am strengthening the parts of foot that most needed it, though 2 exercises especially for the peroneal were very difficult on that right foot. Just wondering: If I do these exercises 2 x per day, is more better, so that I might heal faster, or will that just wear out my suffering tendon again?? (it's soooo hard not being able to walk when everything in my job & car-less life style demand walking LOTS to take care of myself.)

  67. muhammed fazil
    muhammed fazil May 1, 2019

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  68. T Sama
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    Thanks for this video! I broke my heel into 4 pieces on Dec 28, 2018. Been a long road to recovery but my orthopedic doc said last Wed May 15, 2019 that it is completely healed now. Unfortunately I have peroneal tendonitis as well, had it for a couple months now. Went to PT for 8 wks ( last session was last wk May 13) & it has helped with leg strengthening but not the tendonitis. I do same stretches you do here, but the one I wasn't told to do was the one standing with affected leg ( my left) behind me. I will try it for sure along with the other exercises i still do at home. Walking with quad cane & sometimes when walking isnt excruciating I walk with it. 9 outta 10 times I can't walk far due to the pain, with or without cane. Just wanted to give a shout out & say thank you for sharing this video with everyone. God bless you for being so sweet to do this. Love your unicorn dog by the way!

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    Cod Zilla June 10, 2019

    I've had this for a year. 2 days ago it cleared completely. It returned the next morning. I've tried to replicate everything i did that day to no avail. Trying these exercises now. The drop off the step i feel a strong pull in my upper calf compared to my good leg. I'm just wondering if something there or higher eg. hamstring is the real issue.
    For that one day of release in my ankle i at least have some hope!

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    Thanks for creating this video. After several months of moderate running (30-40MPW) I believe I have developed Peroneal Tendonitis. I feel light to moderate pain when doing exercise #2 (turning foot outward with band) and one of the last few exercises (turning foot and pushing pressure on it). Those both light the outer edge of my foot. Does that sound normal for Peroneal Tendonitis? Should I do very light versions of those exercises?

  76. MaryLouise Fesler
    MaryLouise Fesler July 23, 2019

    I’ve had this peroneal tendinitis for maybe 10 or 11 years. I’ve never been able to put a name to it. I even mentioned the occasional pain to my podiatrist and he blew it off. I was there for new orthotics, which are now in a drawer somewhere. So in doing these exercises, I am now able to proactively DO something about it. And they work. Thank you.

  77. Benjamin Ong
    Benjamin Ong August 12, 2019

    I'm recovering from a sprain 2 weeks ago. Is it normal during the recovery phase to have the tendon move/pop in and out?

  78. Schuyler Flynn
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  79. Alex Strom
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    hi…….and help. my peroneal tendons are both inflamed and severely painful. but the right one is the one ive sprained multiple times thru my life the worst was 2 yrs ago. it had healed but lately the brevis is KILLING ME, and even walking is excruciating. i am staying off my feet completely but doing slight exercises and while i CAN weightbear and take steps, it is not without pain. the physical therapist had put me in custom in soles which raised my arches up so high i kept saying :i feel like im rolling outward: and they said i'd get used to it but in retrospect, it had me putting weight on the very area they said they were trying to heal. and now, of coruse, its worse. help!!?

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    Dawn Wiley September 25, 2019

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  83. Luke Grey
    Luke Grey October 3, 2019

    I sprained my ankle years ago and have had reoccurring pain since. Only just started this and already feel way better. Love that you blew the dog up at the end too. Thanks!

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