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Pes Anserine Bursitis Knee Injection | Auburn Medical Group

no okay i will start up linda thank you so much for joining us my voice so that usually sound like this I know you’re a patient of dr. Duane see I’ve heard my voice before but for me to have a really good voice oh I’m just thank you so your knee is hurt for a long time you wanted to get the shot to help it yeah and you have a shot for your knee years and years and years ago 20 years or something yeah and then lately it’s been hurting and where do you feel hurting now basically mini cam and I know like if prison then here or here and then down here some yes find the right spot put it in here you know it’s very tender and you like them that’s what just on this page where it slowly drink this side I can touch anywhere to anything nothing excuse when did it start hurting like that Oh couple months ago a couple months ago okay and I tried to clean and I tried to commit a sin i can’t pronounce the name for mike’s i’ll go to the d diclofenac faggot so the joint line is about here and i’m pushing out yet okay hurt okay if you hit the right area which you just one of the things i check when I’m doing this is I follow where this muscle would go if it was to continue its kind of hard to see and it’s lower than the joint line and oftentimes will people will come in with pain of the joint line and we’ll push on their leg right about here oh that’s okay so how did that feel compared to what I was pushing up here on the joint lacks a bit more down there okay so that that shows me what I was looking for and that’s that you feel this newer pain it’s not the pain of arthritis it’s there all the time and usually equal in both legs although it could be worse than your right because your x-ray does show some arthritis worse than the right leg yeah but this pain just last three months a few months it’s making it hard to walk I’m really thinking it’s not knee arthritis that’s happening acutely right now there may be some arthritis pain but that it’s because of a bursitis down here that hurts really bad right now and the best way the approach is most likely to get us the most relief for you would be to give you a cortisone shot in this versa the Spurs itís right over the where these tendons attach to the leg rather than to give you a shot and enjoying’ today now you may benefit from a shot in the joint but we don’t have to do that today we can see how we recover from this in my guess is that within a few days time you’ll be walking much better with a shy here than if we went into the joint for their threats and again that’s why I’m coming to you can hear the professional planet doctor I don’t diagnose it myself good and so so welcome i don’t think so part of the exam that we would do is actually pressing around it was a little tender there is it tinder in front and you said something about the kneecap area this is a challenge here just you know and usually at night it’s on this size enemy camp and that’s why i could heat and i’ve been doing the heat the ice the heat that that’s the classic localization of a personís down here it weekend okay and other things we do is we strain it to the side and what I’m doing is trying to make it open up over here if it’s going to but you have an intact medial collateral needle collateral ligament or mcl so it’s not opening up you also have an intact LCL on this side we checked it anterior cruciate limit or the ACL by pulling like this now you kind of move there’s because he didn’t want me to pull you off the chain I think safety first okay hi good so I’m not feeling any laxity in the knee there and I’m also pushing back the pcl or posterior cruciate ligament also inside of the center of the neither is not giving away at all there’s no looseness no laxity of the joints and then I’m going I got it tightly that’s right and then I’m twisting your leg and moving it and what we’re testing for here is a sign often comes with problems with the meniscus the meniscus tear will often cause a pain when doing this and it’s not happening so i recommend that we go ahead and give the shot here the area is where this muscle would attach if you can imagine these muscles coming down and the tendons spreading out it looks almost like a bird’s foot which is why it’s called the PES anserine asst and the way we do it is we go from the center out of the area that we want to have clean that way when we do another one that it’s clean the area that we’re going to be working is the absolute cleanest because we wipe away from it outward so if we’re picking up some dirt and taking it we’re taking it away from where the show goes now this isn’t totally sterile i am using gloves it touched some things and that’s okay still get good results and this is the Coors own medicine here I’m just getting it up in the plunger there it is and this would be an aesthetic I don’t want you look into the music okay that’s is me sign there’s only right now what’s going to happen okay I’m going to spray some cold stuff on your leg it’s really cool like freezing call everything it is it makes you so cold it it doesn’t hurt as bad when you get a shot now one of the things i’m doing is i’m putting my knees that’s the spot isn’t give you a shot there sorry all right i’m gonna go back hand thank you i really want to hit a different spot here because I want I want to know that there’s a bone under it I’m not hitting them low and I just want to be able to tell it there okay because that’s where the bursa is it just feels like a little numbness or something in my leg okay absolutely no pain so that’s good ok now the cortisone does not take effect for a couple days sometimes a little longer so you won’t get the full effect but for the next five hours or so you will have less pain when you want so let me put a bandaid on that actually just a little bit is only need and we’ll have your walk okay preciate I saw how you walked earlier and it was not good no it wasn’t and what I want to come in before it got worse now we meet two spots and you have this reach all the way from one to the other and yeah let’s see how you walk I can give you a hand I can’t stand I can feel I do yes try to attack you try to relax a little you’re still walking very stilted yeah if we need your shirts a little bit not compared okay yeah how it was and we do know that you do have arthritis and that nice like a part of it it actually that compared to where how I was walking and yes because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to drive home after work I have somebody really good good good alright so we’ll expect that this will start hurting again in about five hours because we the anesthetic wears off okay corazon will take few days kick in and then you’ll you’ll love it oh you’re a continuing with the heat and I surgeon at this point you don’t have to do either because of that bruise it might be nice to use a little bit of ice for a while but it’s not seriously gonna make much difference in the outcome whatever feels comfortable to you as far as temperatures weight on it yeah yes I do myself standing straight now to where I wasn’t and you know regarding my son we talked about that yeah yeah okay good so we’ll just have you do that and let us know in a few days when you think of it who’s giving a call if it’s not feeling better okay and I think you so much for joining us we want to thank you recognize some of our friends boo boo kitty and Lindsey antwane who helped to make this possible thank you and other people can join on patreon and see not only our videos fear like everybody can but even other videos that aren’t public completely watch them if you want until next time Lyndon I thought you might launch on you just a good helper


  1. Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina April 7, 2017

    oi gosto muito dos seus vídeos, e queria muito entender oque vocês falam, teria como colocar legenda eu amaria muito kisses 💖

  2. Audrey Bunch
    Audrey Bunch April 8, 2017

    O my Goodness! I think you are loved by this woman! She was delighted that you helped her! And I would be too! lol

  3. Kimberly Mnikolaicik
    Kimberly Mnikolaicik April 8, 2017

    feel better soon Dr mark and I am just getting over a severe sinus infection I had on march 21 and the first med my Dr Dan gave did not work and I went in on last Friday for a recheck and got new different meds and I am finally getting over it now

  4. Hungry Mama
    Hungry Mama April 8, 2017

    I can't say I agree with the idea of not letting those who don't/can't contribute to a Patreon not being allowed to see the whole procedure. I'm not trying to be mean but I feel thats unfair. I understand the Patreon people should have some special perks but depriving others of interesting medical procedures based on the reason of not giving money is slightly rude. I now feel bad about writing this comment 😔

  5. Lindsay Antwine
    Lindsay Antwine April 8, 2017

    I'm glad you have a knee pain video this week. I've been thinking about trying injections for both of my knees. The joints hurt, especially when bending. They also crack and pop a lot. Sometimes I'll have a severe pain that seizes one of them up. Climbing stairs is a painful experience. Do you think an injection would help? :/

  6. Stacy Burns
    Stacy Burns April 8, 2017

    What a pretty lady! And good to see how quickly she could relax and walk more easily.

  7. AshnKksmom2
    AshnKksmom2 April 8, 2017

    I received a series of the orthovisc injections for arthritis the first three helped a little more each time but I was still getting fluid in the knee which he removed before each injection. The last injection worked so much more then the first three I was really relieved when the numbness wore off and the knee felt so much better.

  8. Claire Stare
    Claire Stare April 8, 2017

    'Strong and fierce' you go grrrrrl

  9. McAVIT Yourway
    McAVIT Yourway April 8, 2017

    I`m sorry, I cannot afford $3 For every YouTube channel I watch, while I see that Patreon is an excellent way to fund your videos, I believe it will eventually kill YouTube, I will have to un-subscribe and find something else to watch, (again I`m sorry)

  10. Kristi Licea
    Kristi Licea April 8, 2017

    I know how you feel I've sick with chronic sinus infections and now I'm completely down. It's affecting my lungs I'm on 5 liters of oxygen and my sats are still in the 80s I don't think I'm going to bounce back from this one

  11. emily
    emily April 9, 2017

    Hi doctor! Wanted you to know that you're doing the live talk on tremors right now.. there ARE a lot of people saying hello, even if YouTube isn't letting you see 🙂 Great vids!

  12. I Love Spring Rolls
    I Love Spring Rolls April 9, 2017

    NO OOOO Not the needle again. ahhhhhh

  13. Christina C
    Christina C April 11, 2017

    Your so sweet go her! Great doctor!

  14. Andrea Roy
    Andrea Roy April 19, 2017

    I am A-OK with not being able to see the needle going into the skin! I'm glad this patient was able to get some relief!

  15. Unst0pab1eGamer
    Unst0pab1eGamer May 13, 2017

    Great video, I have bursitis in my knee too and I am going to get that shot in a few days. thanks

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