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Physician Assistant: Mary Diane Williams Garber, MMSc, PA-C

I’m Diane Williams Garber,
I’m a physician assistant, and I work with the division
of endocrinology at Duke. I mostly see patients with diabetes,
thyroid disorders and cholesterol disorders, other endocrine or
glandular disorders as well. Usually when we meet patients for
the first time, we will ask a little
background from the patient. And why they’ve come to see us,
what their questions are, what their main concerns are. And I usually try to use that as
a guide to try to meet their needs at the time of the visit. I think the most satisfying thing about
any of our jobs is if we have patient successes, so and I’m sure the patients
are happiest with that as well. The reason that a patient would benefit
from being seen at Duke University as a choice would be that we do offer
a broad spectrum of care here. And we can focus on one disorder or
multidisciplinary disorders. The various divisions work together and see patients in a team approach. We conduct clinic trials, or
participate in clinical trials, so that patients are getting the most
advanced care and most informed care, I think, that they can take
advantage of in this area.

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