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Physician Profile: Asit Jha

(light piano music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Asit JhA. I’m a hematologist/medical oncologist at Memorial Satilla Health. I was in high school when I decided to become a physician. My uncle was a physician, and I saw how he was helping patients, or other people. My mom used to be sick
when I was a little child, so it kind of ingrained
me to be a physician. Initially the idea was
to help my own family, but as I entered medical
school, it was very clear that this was the right decision for me. I went to medical school
in Brown Medical College in India, and then I joined
University of Pittsburgh for my residency and internship. After I completed that, I was accepted at Fellowship for Hematology/Oncology at Hahnemann University Hospital, Drexel University College of Medicine. After I finished my training, I’ve been in Waycross ever since. The reason I enter oncology, number one it was a
challenge in diagnosis, lot to learn, lot of newer advances was expected to come up and it is coming. It gave me an opportunity
to also engage the patient regarding the emotion health and helping them navigate to the treatment, because it is very, very
important to me as a physician. Cancer care is balance between your physical health, emotion
health, and spiritual health. My job is to do the best possible job to provide that physical health, empower the patient to see emotion health and also spiritual health. The combination of those three gives us the best outcome for cancer care. We treat our patients as our neighbors. We treat our patient
our own family members. So it’s not uncommon for patients to not just get the best medical care, but get that in a very,
very compassionate way. Our nurses, our physicians, including me, front office staff, the social worker, we’re always there to answer any question that the patient may have. I think that’s pretty unique
about our cancer program. Patients are not treated
like a number or a diagnosis, but a real human being. I will be there for a
patient no matter what. The best part of my job
is talking to our patients in our office on a daily basis. Learning about them, laughing with them, and sometimes crying with them too and giving them a hug. Our patient will get the best cancer care at our center, but what
I like them to know is no question is a small question. Our office, right from
the front office person to the physician, we are there for them to understand their
concerns and try to solve them to the best of ability. They should not hesitate ever
to ask any question to us. The more informed they are, the better outcome is going to be. We pride ourself in doing that. (light piano music)

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  1. loohoo57
    loohoo57 November 27, 2018

    I LOVE this doctor! He was so wonderful with my dad and our family.

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