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Physician Profile: Roy Schwartz

(light music) – My name’s Roy Schwartz. I’m a physician here in Tallahassee practicing general
surgery, bariatric surgery, and laparoscopic surgery. When I’m not working, I like to fish, play racquetball, try different things, zip lining here in town, be outside quite a bit if we can, hiking. I’m a little bit of a foodie. Like to enjoy entertainment,
music especially. I probably decided to come a physician as I went through middle
school and high school and realized where my strengths were as far as academics and my interests. And as I continued along taking
those courses to prepare, it became clear to me as I
got more immersed in the field and in the practice, so to
speak, that it was right for me. My epiphany as becoming a general surgeon was actually after I was
finishing medical school and we had to apply for residency. We had to fill out the usual forms, and there was always that
paragraph on the back that said describe yourself. And in describing myself, I
realized which profession, general surgery that is, would be the one for me because it fit me. I think I do something
a little bit different than most doctors. I meet with my patients,
my new patients first in my private office. I think that takes a
little bit of the anxiety out of things. My office, we designed, so
that it’s more like a home than a true medical facility. We want the patients to
feel comfortable and calm. And we’ll have our consultation there. Then we move to an exam
room for a physical. I immediately have them immerse
the, not only in the office, but in meeting the rest
of the office staff, so that they always have a go to person and know that they can call
and have a face with the name and then questions can be answered in how we can direct their care further, and that they walk away feeling fulfilled, knowing that we tackle things as a team. I hope that when my patients are done with a particular problem
or leave the practice, that they always know that
they got the best care for themselves with the greatest amount of empathy from both myself and the staff, and that they can return
anytime with a question or a problem, related or perhaps not, knowing that we’ll be
there for them and that if we can’t help them, we’ll
find somebody else who can.

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