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Physician Video Profile: John Marohn, OD (Optometry)

My name is John Marohn and I am an optometrist
at Great Lakes Eye Care in St. Joe. I practice primarily in the St. Joseph office
but I do spend one day a week in the Niles office. So I did my undergraduate work at Hillsdale
College in Hillsdale, Michigan and graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science and Biology
and then went on to the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University in Big
Rapids, and got my optometry degree there. From there I went to the University of Missouri
St. Louis and did a contact lenses residency for one year. And then started with Great Lakes in 92’. My wife’s name is Sue and we have been married
almost 21 years. And I have two boys, my oldest ones name is
Nathan who is 13 and Jacob who is 11. So optometrists have a separate program where
we get a Doctor of Optometry degree, it’s more of a general eye care degree. So we learn disease, refractions, to check
for glasses, contact lens fittings, just general avenues of eye care. I see all the patients that have corneal disease
that need contact lens services. Maybe they’ve had some type of trauma where
they end up with a corneal scar. Patient’s that have had refractive surgery
that maybe they’ve had corneal issues after that, that need contact lenses, so that’s
my area of interest. I also do primary eye exams and as well as
emergencies and a lot of post-operative care from the ophthalmologists as well. We do a lot of missions work too and so that
is another place that you see people that you just really realize how much you’ve
changed their lives because they’ve had cataracts for so long and they can’t see
and our surgeons take them out and you are able to find them a pair of glasses they can
see with. Just the look on their faces is priceless. What makes a great healthcare professional,
I think obviously you have to be current on your education so that you can provide the
patient with the best expertise in your field. Compassion, I think every day when I go to
work I try to emulate Christ’s compassion for folks and certainly I am human and I don’t
always achieve that, but that’s the goal every day for me. To treat people as family, to go the extra
mile to do whatever it takes to allow people to feel like they’re getting the best care

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