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Pill Nation Doctor Speaks Out

Hi everyone! If you’ve watched some of
the other posts I’ve made on this channel you may notice that today’s
topic is somewhat of a different nature. Typically I post about specific health
conditions, dietary fats, nutritional supplements, but today I want to talk
about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Something I’m quite passionate
about in fact it’s one of the reasons, not the only reason, but one of the
reasons that I ultimately decided to become a naturopathic medical doctor
and I call it pill nation. My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton and I want
to start first of all with a disclaimer. Many medications are important in fact
essential for maintaining health and you should never discontinue a medication
without first speaking to your prescribing physician. Many supplements,
nutritional supplements, botanical supplements, are great as long as they’re
pure and potent at supporting health and wellness and you should not discontinue
botanical or nutritional supplements without first speaking to the individual
who recommended or prescribed them to you, But there’s an alarming trend that’s
been going on in America over the last few decades and unfortunately other
countries around the world are following our patterns. In the year 2000 50% of
Americans were taking at least one medication and over the next 12 years in
2012 60%, that number jumped up to 60% and another fact is that in that same
time period between 2000 and 2012 individuals that were taking five or
more medications doubled from eight percent to 16 percent and those numbers
are still increasing each and every year. Now why are people taking more than five
medications? And there are many factors we certainly know that medications can
cause side effects and some doctors prescribe additional medications to
treat the side effects of the first second or third medication but another
important reason is due to legal changes that occurred back in the early 80s mid
80s, legislation was passed by Congress and then President Ronald Reagan to
allow for direct to consumer marketing or advertising so to
some extent this took some of the power out of a physician. The physician
typically would review your medical history, perhaps give you a physical exam,
make a proper diagnosis, and make a treatment recommendation typically
prescribing medication. But big pharma companies sort of was able to bypass
this practice of medicine by marketing directly to you and you know what I’m
talking about the commercials on TV sometimes there are cartoons involved,
certainly happy happy looking people and big pharma companies advertising just to
you. And so we become less of a patient and more of a consumer where you go into
a doctor visit and request a certain medication based on an advertisement
that you saw for it and the doctor signs off on it and that trend has been
increasing. In 2014 4.3 billion prescriptions were written,
that equals about 375 billion dollars in 2014, and those numbers have increased. That
does not even include over-the-counter medications or supplements. In 2014
roughly a third of Americans we’re taking at least one nutritional or
botanical supplement equaling about five billion dollars and that number has
increased as well. We’re becoming increasingly dependent upon pills now.
Why is this alarming? Some pills certainly caused side effects some pills
can actually cause diseases let’s talk about a common one proton pump
inhibitors. Proton pump inhibitors are quite effective at reducing acid and
helping with GERD or reflux but they are very effective at that and decrease acid
to the point where you’re not able to extract and absorb certain nutrients and
studies have shown that people that are armed proton pump
inhibitors, and by the way they were originally developed to only take for
about six weeks, but most people take them far longer than six weeks if you
are not absorbing the nutrients because of low stomach acid it can lead to mood
changes pain increased rates of asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, even
osteoporosis, so why is it that the trend of taking medicine? Taking pills is so
alarming because we know that it can cause side effects we know that it can
cause disease it’s in fact just last year and in 2018 Johns Hopkins
University showed that due to medical errors and excessive medications modern
medicine is now the third most common cause of death. Now the intention is to
help with health and I believe the intention of most doctors is to do just
that but with the trend of individuals taking more pills, having more
side-effects, causing symptoms and even disease, it’s alarming now I believe that
health begins with you and that if you remove obstacles to achieving
great health, if you eat a great diet, a healthy diet, if you’re engaged in
physical activity, if you balance your hormones, if you reduce stress, or it
leads at least manage stress in your life you can make some tremendous
strides in your health and well-being and I always start there. The next rung
of the ladder is recommending nutritional or botanical supplements and
I only use companies that do two things in-house testing and third-party testing
to ensure potency and purity of the ingredients, so that whatever the label
states is both pure and potent in each and every capsule that you take and then
of course if you medication, medication is available for
most health conditions but we as physicians as doctors we’re becoming
increasingly dependent upon prescribing, recommending, medications
over-the-counter medications, and nutritional herbal supplements, and
patients are now expecting that as consumers. So it’s important to me that
we understand health begins with you and that important lifestyle choices and
changes can make dramatic effects in your health. I want to know what your
experience is with taking medications if you’ve had great experiences, if you’ve
had poor experiences, also nutritional supplements as well. Again the trend is
growing and most Americans are taking at least a couple of pills every single day.
We have a website I encourage you to check out our Instagram
page, our Facebook page. I encourage you to check it out. I want you to be engaged and
healthy choices and you will learn more if you watch the channel and learn more
about how to take good care of yourself and how to make appropriate healthy
choices in your life. I’m honored and impressed with your time and attention
and it shows me that you value your health and wellness as much as I do.
Thanks so much. My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton.


  1. Silvia Conforto
    Silvia Conforto July 13, 2019

    Thank you for speacking up about this topic. I am a nurse here in Australia and work on a UGI/COLORECTAL surgical ward. (90% of my pt have Cancer). I watch how much meds these people take and i look at what we feed them, (a diet based on sugar) and I feel sick. I have a passione in natural/functional medicine and am also very spiritual/intuitive and believe in the power of our energy body to heal itself if we allowe it to. I don't even take paracetamolo, nor i give it to my kids, when we have high temp as that is interfering with a natural respons of the immune system. I believe in allowing my body, mind and soul through adequate nutrition that MY body needs (no one size fits all here), rest and unconditional love for ourselves. Be ONE with nature as the more we disconnect from it the sicker we get.

  2. Dr Shelton's Zenith Labs
    Dr Shelton's Zenith Labs September 24, 2019

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    Learn more about researched based nutrition 👉🏼

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