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Pros and Cons of Working Holidays in Healthcare πŸŽ„πŸ•Ž πŸ¦ƒπŸŽ‰

So, when I say working holidays, you roll your eyes and release a big sigh, right? No one thinks, “Yay! I get to work, instead
of relax.” But, when you work in healthcare, you know that the hospital lights never shut off. …even if it is New Year’s Eve. Well, working the holidays doesn’t have
to be a bad thing. There are some positives to it and there are ways you
can still enjoy yourself. The first positive. You’ll most likely get paid a little extra. Some hospitals offer bonus or extra pay to those who work the holidays. Make sure to ask about this if you know you’re signing a travel contract over this season. A con, you don’t get to relax, enjoy the holiday in the traditional sense. When you think of the holidays, you probably envision overeating and spending the day being lazy with your family. Of course, working
will get in the way of that, especially if you’re on an assignment far from home. Pro, you get the special job of caring for people who are sick and stuck in the hospital during the holidays. If you think you don’t want to be at work over the holiday, that’s nothing compared to how someone feels about being in the hospital during the holidays. Use this time to make the holidays a little brighter for them and yourself. Con, there will be less staff working. A lot of times there are limited staff on the holidays. This can be a con, especially if you work in the emergency department. If you happen to get a rush of patients, there will be less hands on deck to help out. Pro, you form special bonds with people. With less staff, you’ll get to spend more time genuinely connecting with the people you are working with that day, as well as your patients. The quietness of the hospital over the holidays can be almost peaceful and relaxing compared to the usual insanity. So, how do you cope when you’re on
assignment and far from your family during the holidays? Here are some
suggestions. Dress for the occasion! Bust out those ugly Christmas sweaters, festive scrubs, or something that will make you look and feel the holiday spirit. Organize a potluck at work. Or try to do something holiday-ish with your co-workers or friends, so, you still get to indulge in some of your favorite holiday dishes. After work, try to find a local event to attend that will put you in the holiday spirit. Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen, watching a play, or even looking at Christmas lights. Make your favorite meal. Just because your family isn’t around doesn’t mean you can’t still cook. Meal prep for yourself and invite a few friends if you want. Lastly, don’t forget that the miles don’t have to separate you from your family. Be sure to video chat or call your family so you still get to connect with them on the holidays. What are some tips you have for working holidays in healthcare? Drop a comment below.

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