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PULP is the DRUG

You stay with it for two hours and your mind flies. It takes you outside of yourself. You start to think differently. I didn’t sleep tonight! I didn’t sleep! It was a terrible night! Your mind lights up. Sure! Sure! You’re right! For better or for worse! Did I incubate all these emotions? They told me you’re a sniffer! You’re a sniffer! I don’t think… You must be honest. …I’m a troublemaker. Goin’ down, down, down… I’m nervous. Just a kiss. No penetration. She’s swelling! You disobeyed me! Dude, are you deaf? Hello! Dude, please! Do me this favor! What junk? I’m in trouble. A bad cut? I’m not an expert! You are a perfect slaphead. Asshole! The drug addicts were just us freaks! Only the freaks were…. I’m desperate! …accused… …of being… I’m desperate, dude! …drug addicts! What can I do, dude? What’s your advice? – We must act now!
– Are you sure, dude? You bastard! Why are you here?! Shut up! You are an idiot! Why are you afraid? I’m able to do it! Let’s oxygenate the lungs. – I try.
– Now! What a moron! – What could happen?
– Don’t think too much. Holy shit! Hit your rock bottom!


  1. Sir Daniel
    Sir Daniel March 4, 2019

    Top cast, Giuseppe Vega e Luisa Wallace

  2. The TeschioMan
    The TeschioMan March 4, 2019

    Ma poi se l'è comprata la PolyStation?

  3. Poops Buster
    Poops Buster March 14, 2019

    'rca miseria hai scelto proprio la mia canzone dei Roxy preferita <3

  4. Eric Jones
    Eric Jones May 31, 2019

    What the fuck

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