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Reconstituting Powdered medications

Hi. Welcome back Today we are talking about reconstituting
medications. This is where you have to add some type of diluent powdered form
of the medication and what it will do is give you a different volume of you what you are going to give. It makes you mix powdered meds like this because
some are not stable for a long period of time like some medications are.
So the top part of this study guide I’m going let you read on your own. I
thought I would go over the practice problems with you. If you get your
papers out and go down to the study guide and go to practice problems
will go over this. Number one. The physician has ordered cefazolin 0.25 grams and the pharmacy sends one gram vial of sterile cefazolin powder with the
following mixing instructions. For I gram use at 2.5 milliliters of sterile water for
injection and shake. This provides you a volume of 3 milliliters that equals
330 milligrams per milliliters. How much dilutent will be added to the
cefazolin powder? it shows right here it’s 2.5 ml and what type.
We are going use sterile water for injection. What’s the dosage strength of this mixed medication? It is 330 milligrams per ml. Now
let’s find out how many milliliters of medication will the nurse give to the
patient. We’re looking for milliliters and we are looking for 0.25 grams and remembering back to the system conversions, we would have to multiply this by a thousand to end up
with how many milligrams 0.25 grams is. We can add that into our conversions here. We
have 0.25 grams and what is our solution? We don’t need to add in this 3mls or the 2.5 mls . All we’re looking for is this 330 milligrams and we need to have the milliliters on top 1 ml is three hundred and thirty milligrams
so now we need to add our conversion factor in here. One thousand milligrams is one
gram right so we can get rid of our grams or milligrams and that leaves the only symbol left is ml So can we reduce anything down?
Yes we are we can get rid of this zero (0) here and 330. So we end up with 0.25grams times 100 is 25 and we’re going to
divide that by 33 which equals 0.75ml rounding up tp 0.76ml We have not gone over syringes yet but I do
know that you would be able to draw this up into a tuberculin syringe because
it’s measured off into hundreds. However if it was not a syringe that goes to hundredths then we would round it to 0.8 milliliters. Let’s go to number 2. The order is for procaine Pen G 300,000 units IM BID procaine penicillin G power is in the
medication drawer. The medication has the following mixing instructions. Dissolve
4.6 milliliters of bacteriostatic water for injection to
make two hundred thousand (200,000) units per ml so how much dilutent are we going to add? 4.6 ml what type of dilutent- bacteriostatic water and there is a difference between
bacteriostatic water and sterile water for injection. There’s also times you can mix
it with normal saline however you use whatever dilutant it says on the label.
So what’s the dosage of the mixed strength its 200,000 units per ml and I have to
write out units because that’s another one of the JCAHO do not use
abbreviations is only using just the U. How many milliliters are we going to inject or
give to this patient. We’re looking for milliliters and we want 300,000 units
and we end up with 1 ml is two hundred thousand units that’s all we need that’s
all the information don’t make it harder and try to add in
this 4.6 milliliters we don’t need it I can get rid of my units I can get
rid of these five zeros ending up with 3/2 which equals 1.5 just make sure that you aren’t adding in
that so i know I’m going have some left over so what data should be entered on
the vial after reconstituting it. I can use it again if I label it. first of all I need the day time my
initials it’s for IM or IV use when it will expire some are good for 24
hours and others are good for 48 hours let’s go to number 5 We’re going to need to give Prostaphlin 500 milligrams IM every six hours the label reads Prostaphlin oxacillin
sodium for injection for IM use add 11.5 mls sterile water for injection
and each 1.5 mls contains 250 milligrams and this is our label right here so we
are going to look for milliliters and we want five hundred milligrams and
our yield is 1.5 milliliters is two hundred and fifty milligrams
will 250 into five hundred? Yes it’ll go one and two. Two times 1.5 is
3ml that’s what we’re looking for we’re only going to give 3 ml. The next one is little more difficult we want to give Ancef 225 milligrams
IM. Stock this is what’s there. We have three vials of power on our shelf 250mg
500mg and 1 gram. Using the following label we need to see what are we going to use. I would not
use the one gram that’s a lot and you’re kind of wasting a lot of it I would use
the 250 or the 500mg and I’m going to add 2 ml. I need
to figure out how much I would give Our order is for two
hundred and twenty five milligrams i’m looking for milliters times 125 per milliliter if I use the 250 ml. One ml
is 125 so can I reduce this down any farther? yes 25 will go into this many times 5? Trying to use my calcualtor No it wont go evenly so we end up with 225/125 its end up to be 1.8 ml is what we give Using the 500mg, we’re going add 2.0
milliliters and so we have 225 milligrams and 1 ml equals 225mg We can narrow that down to
one and one. We end up having one ml Does that make sense? Well this is the end of this
study guide I’ll be sending out some more for next week and for those of you
who are Star Wars geeks, today is National Star Wars day and May the fourth be with you.


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