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Respiratory Therapy (2018) – ISU College of Technology

My name is Chandra Holloway, and I am
in the Respiratory Therapy Program at ISU. Respiratory Therapist are on the front
line for keeping people’s lungs and cardiovascular systems working properly. In the emergency room situation, if a
patient happens to stop breathing, we are responsible for getting them breathing again. Protecting their airway. Performing CPR. Putting them on ventilation, whatever it takes. The reasons why I chose to go into
the Respiratory Therapy field is because
I want to help others feel better and I feel that I can make a difference this way. It’s a two-year program, 22 months,
and I’ve had many instructors before. I’ve been to a couple of colleges and this is
my second university, what I enjoy about them is they don’t let therapy go get in the way. They have a ton of knowledge. They’re willing to give that to us,
in an organized, professional
manner, to go above and beyond. One of the things that I enjoyed about this program, that gave me the confidence to
work in the hospital, emergency rooms, whatever it may be, is the clinical aspect. The clinical aspect of this program has prepared us, because we are hands-on learning, under very capable Respiratory
Therapist in a hospital setting. To where we know it’s automatic, what
we need to do to keep a patient alive, to keep them breathing, whatever
it may take to help them out.

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