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Responding To Your Letters! | Mail Time #1 | Doctor Mike


  1. Fernanda Navarro
    Fernanda Navarro July 11, 2019

    Dr Mike = detective 3:36 "OMG IT´S HER! ITS EMMANUEL" HAHAHA I can`t

  2. None Of your business
    None Of your business July 11, 2019

    Dr Mike: I wanted to be a doctor because of my dad
    My friend: why do you wanna be a doctor?
    Me: doctor mike…..

  3. Laurien Snijers
    Laurien Snijers July 11, 2019

    Are you going to do more mail time video's?

  4. Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller July 12, 2019

    oh..RIP dogbomb…he passed earlier this year.

  5. Calliefaith
    Calliefaith July 13, 2019

    Bear at the end 😂😂

  6. geekelly000
    geekelly000 July 13, 2019

    And just like that…you’ve got your first stalker 😆

  7. Grace Jin
    Grace Jin July 15, 2019

    Letter: hope this find you in good health
    Dr Mike: sick

  8. Cora Figueroa
    Cora Figueroa July 15, 2019

    MO. is Missouri! Lmao love your vids!

  9. Janzel Clement
    Janzel Clement July 17, 2019

    more Bear videos!

  10. Crystal G
    Crystal G July 17, 2019

    MI is Michigan

  11. Metlife 123
    Metlife 123 July 18, 2019

    Wait.. its Peewoop… my whole life is a lie

  12. John David Historillo
    John David Historillo July 18, 2019

    Stethoscope! hello Emmanuel

  13. Patriots Films
    Patriots Films July 19, 2019

    What your favoriteNFL team ?? What you got against us

  14. Margaret Behre
    Margaret Behre July 19, 2019

    MI is Michigan! MO Missouri, MS Mississippi 😉

  15. Tobias Lopez muniz
    Tobias Lopez muniz July 19, 2019

    Starts doing surgery on his furniture

  16. Billg8Gamer 101
    Billg8Gamer 101 July 20, 2019

    It’s Wednesday at 1 AM.
    Me: Alright time to go to sle- Oh look Dr. Mike posted a video.
    Also me 15 minutes later: OH SH*T ITS 3 AM???

  17. Jayyy
    Jayyy July 20, 2019

    Im from 2019 and the Knicks got RJ Barrett

  18. Nahee Hong
    Nahee Hong July 20, 2019

    i love how the dog GIF fits so well with the video!

  19. airy n cherry
    airy n cherry July 21, 2019

    barn swallow

  20. Linsey Le
    Linsey Le July 22, 2019


  21. EMLY
    EMLY July 22, 2019

    this turned kinda creepy

  22. Kitsune Rosè
    Kitsune Rosè July 22, 2019

    Oof Emmanuel 😂

  23. Pam Testi
    Pam Testi July 25, 2019

    i just made a little donation, me: oh like fifteen bucks. HIM: 100 dollars

  24. P Sahibzadah
    P Sahibzadah July 25, 2019

    Why ur so handsome…

  25. - Flower Bunnies -
    - Flower Bunnies - July 26, 2019

    If I was Emmanuel I would be even more honored that doctor mike took the time to give the stethoscope to someone

  26. Manendar Verma
    Manendar Verma July 26, 2019

    6:20 Doctor Mike MI is Michigan, Missouri is MO, Mississippi is MS.

  27. Grass Seeker
    Grass Seeker July 27, 2019


  28. Hashir Mughal
    Hashir Mughal July 27, 2019

    Yeah I expected thirst comments and I got them

  29. Pranavi Reddy
    Pranavi Reddy July 27, 2019

    Sr. Mikhail Peewoop Varshavski DO
    PS: Your PEEWOOPS make my daaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  30. Savannah Sanderson
    Savannah Sanderson July 28, 2019

    Speaking of Bear if something would ever happen to him or Roxy would you ever operate on them?

  31. 242ThinkMedia
    242ThinkMedia July 29, 2019

    Emmanuel was probably peering through one of his windows watching him read her letters lol.

  32. iiKyanite
    iiKyanite July 29, 2019

    Mike: Woof!
    Bear: sneeze

  33. Kady Archibald
    Kady Archibald July 29, 2019

    Immanuel is me trying to get Chris Pratt's attention

  34. per
    per July 29, 2019

    bArN sWaLlOw

  35. Nelufar Yesmin
    Nelufar Yesmin July 30, 2019

    9:23/9:24 thats what she said

  36. Karla Karaban
    Karla Karaban July 30, 2019

    can u please start reding ur dm's … ur bear the giant and queen roxy!!

  37. hanna cave
    hanna cave July 31, 2019

    Hey girl

    I still cant get over it

  38. Wercons
    Wercons July 31, 2019

    Btw can you speak russian in some videos

  39. Shafna Fahick
    Shafna Fahick July 31, 2019

    Can u do a motivational video that would help us study

  40. Teri Ennis
    Teri Ennis August 1, 2019

    I need that p.o box

  41. CW's The Flash
    CW's The Flash August 2, 2019

    I love love love love you, bear, rosy and your dad lol but like fr y’all are adorable 🙂❤️

  42. Hephzibah Klimek
    Hephzibah Klimek August 2, 2019

    MI is Michigan MO is Missouri

  43. Taiyeba Ahmed
    Taiyeba Ahmed August 2, 2019

    Barn Swallow

  44. Kat Star
    Kat Star August 3, 2019

    Missouri is MO!!! Lol

  45. Lalisa Lover
    Lalisa Lover August 4, 2019

    Pretty sure all his clothes are one size small

  46. Bjorn Livingston
    Bjorn Livingston August 4, 2019

    MI is michigan MO is missouri MS is Mississippi!

  47. sahraoui rami
    sahraoui rami August 4, 2019

    Comments be like 85% girls
    15% boys

  48. Always Put it in writing
    Always Put it in writing August 4, 2019

    Fan:"I dont watch your videos"
    Doc:"*confused noises*

  49. iDowwie
    iDowwie August 6, 2019

    Missouri is MO. Mississippi is MI haha.

  50. Adnan Abdullah
    Adnan Abdullah August 7, 2019

    Big up Emmanuel, you more funny than Dr Mike.🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  51. Ray Nee
    Ray Nee August 9, 2019

    binge watching alll your videos! and MI is michigan ! MO is missouri !

  52. Mincho The Chinchilla
    Mincho The Chinchilla August 11, 2019

    Mike: I’ll make a little donation
    Me: k
    Mike: There we go 100 dollars
    Me: ThAtS A LiTtLE?!

  53. NeonFlavouredCheese
    NeonFlavouredCheese August 12, 2019

    Sarah just proposed, Mikey.

  54. Rainy_day_505
    Rainy_day_505 August 12, 2019

    My grandma died because of ALS so it really warms my heart that you donated $100
    Thank you

  55. Sarah Bright
    Sarah Bright August 13, 2019

    Emmanuel (?) must live close to the po box. Hahahaha

  56. Carson Morris
    Carson Morris August 13, 2019

    B A R N S W A L L O W

  57. Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell August 14, 2019

    I see lots of videos where Bear makes an appearance. I really don't want to open a wound, if there is one, but why don't we see Roxy very often?

  58. Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell August 14, 2019

    MI is Michigan. Mississippi is Miss. Missouri is MS. Glad I could help.

  59. Jennifer 2197
    Jennifer 2197 August 14, 2019

    No one:

    Literally not a single soul:

    Dr. Mike: BaRn SwAlLoW !!!!!!!

  60. gia is bored
    gia is bored August 15, 2019

    legend says emmanuel never sent another letter to "p.o box"

  61. Dylan Cole Official
    Dylan Cole Official August 17, 2019

    can we talk about dogbomb1 being a furry??

  62. Varoon Patel
    Varoon Patel August 18, 2019

    MI is Michigan

  63. Ava Dimichele
    Ava Dimichele August 19, 2019

    Dude Sarah has big balls😂😂
    Edit: I’m upset he said patriots suck. Sorry bud don’t be jealoussasss🤪🤪

  64. Emily_ Gross
    Emily_ Gross August 19, 2019

    MI is for Michigan.

  65. Spandrix
    Spandrix August 20, 2019

    Eat my poo poo

  66. Traci_Angels
    Traci_Angels August 20, 2019

    doctor mike: im gonna make a lil' donation
    donates a HunDrED

  67. PatiaSongs
    PatiaSongs August 21, 2019

    I love bear

  68. Trix Y
    Trix Y August 21, 2019

    Wait what… it’s a P????

  69. Kel Diaz
    Kel Diaz August 21, 2019

    Emmanuel you troll 😂😂

  70. Allyssa Ashley Dalindin
    Allyssa Ashley Dalindin August 22, 2019

    Hi Doc! i just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and thank you because i learned a lot from watching your videos and also entertained. To be honest, before i watched your videos i am undecided on what course im going to take in college, but after watching your videos, i decided to take medicine! because just like you im good at science and i love it, and medical terms excites me, oh and also im a curious cat. I wish i can have one of your scrub suits, the maroon perhaps? lol. I love you and your existence Doc, and also your videos, Roxy and Bear!

    I hope you continue on giving people smile in their faces, sharing your knowledge and help other people.

    As always, stay happy and healthy. God bless you.


  71. Rebecca Andersen
    Rebecca Andersen August 23, 2019

    Good video i am currently in medical in high school.

  72. phooi sun
    phooi sun August 23, 2019


  73. Sana Dogra
    Sana Dogra August 25, 2019

    I'm in love with Emmanuel 😂 she is funny

  74. Cherry Sheeran
    Cherry Sheeran August 25, 2019

    I have been coughing for 5 months everyday. I try to think that I will go away but it has not. It hurts my lungs when I cough and I like vomit with no liquid. Basically invisible vomit. What should I do? I’ve told my doctor and said I was fine.

  75. Walkiria Regalado
    Walkiria Regalado August 25, 2019

    OMG! I just realized your videos have Spanish subtitles. I finally can share some of them with my non English speakers friends. Great!

  76. Kyle Mikaelah
    Kyle Mikaelah August 27, 2019

    gimme the stethoscope pls ☹️

  77. Charlotte King
    Charlotte King August 27, 2019

    Thank you for

  78. HARRY K
    HARRY K August 27, 2019

    You got yourself a stocker.

  79. Ragav J
    Ragav J August 28, 2019

    Goon squad music

  80. Nouhaila El
    Nouhaila El August 28, 2019

    Omg i just realized that the video was in my birthday 🎂
    Thank you for the likes

  81. Marianne Hess
    Marianne Hess August 31, 2019

    When will there be a seond Video of " Mail Time" , cuz we wanna send some letters from germany

  82. zoe beecham
    zoe beecham September 1, 2019

    The state MI is Michigan

  83. macarena valenzuela
    macarena valenzuela September 2, 2019


  84. jyotsana prakash
    jyotsana prakash September 3, 2019

    There are more fans, but like Emmanuel, I don't have your address to post you letters 😁.
    I am a doctor just like you, good work. Keep it up 👍☺️
    Love from India ❤️

  85. Maria Armstrong
    Maria Armstrong September 5, 2019

    Dr. Mike opens letter with scalpel Me: "That is NOT a sterile field, doc!"

  86. black guanábana
    black guanábana September 13, 2019

    lol Emmanuel is a guy. Mike kept calling him a “she”.

  87. Star Gazer
    Star Gazer September 15, 2019

    3:12 that envelope is literally me!

    MEME REVIEW September 19, 2019

    mike : * does weird sword thing with scalpel *

    me : * having just taken a class on knife safety * sTOP !!

  89. sang01me
    sang01me September 21, 2019

    What a good human. My heart😭😭😭💜💜

  90. I B
    I B September 26, 2019

    What dog breed is his dog?

  91. Natalie Pumpelly
    Natalie Pumpelly September 27, 2019


  92. horsemaiden29
    horsemaiden29 September 28, 2019

    Tottaly watching this from my hospital bed. Just had my first ever surgery, and was so nurvice. Just wanted to say thankyou for helping me get thorough being nurvice. I serially came out of anaesthesia calling my dog.

  93. Atyeh Atyeh
    Atyeh Atyeh September 28, 2019

    hello doctor I'm new to your channel and I would just like to ask one question I want to thank my doctor in a note but I'm not sure if I should send it to his home address I don't know his PO box and I'm a bit embarrassed to ask him I don't want him to think I'm hitting on you he's my former dr.I should know you can Google anyone's name and his address came up please give me some advice on that thank you

  94. Nicole Landreth
    Nicole Landreth September 29, 2019

    The bloopers at the end had me rollin. “Bear, why are you punching me?” Lol. My dog does that too, good to know I’m not the only one. Lol

  95. Canon
    Canon October 1, 2019

    Emanuel may be a stalker. Yikes.

  96. Don't Worry be Happy
    Don't Worry be Happy October 3, 2019

    Bear is so cute, can you do more videos with Bear please ?
    Doctor Mike binge 2019 🖤

  97. Amira mimi2014
    Amira mimi2014 October 7, 2019

    You are so adorable, I have just two days watching your videos and I love it thank you… By the way I am from Algeria 🇩🇿

  98. Music Maniac
    Music Maniac October 7, 2019

    No one:
    No one in the entire universe:
    Doctor Mike: bArN sWaLLOw

  99. Yoon Cheonsa
    Yoon Cheonsa October 8, 2019

    “Greetings from the bOston area”

  100. Leda Paul
    Leda Paul October 12, 2019

    Bear at the end of the video 😭😩💓

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