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Results After Volbella Injection To Lips

– [Doctor] So this is Doctor Raval, we’re doing a follow-up with Nicole. As many of you may recall, she had a syringe of Volbella
placed into her lips, and she’s now about one month out. How does it feel, Nicole? – Good, no pain. – [Doctor] Is it moving pretty naturally? – Yeah, I can’t even tell it’s there. – [Doctor] Great. We also wanted to show you
the before and after photos. You can see the Volbella provides a nice, slight enhancement of the lips. If you guys can focus on the lips, you can see she just has
a slight enhancement. Very natural-looking. Added a little bit of more filler Volume to both the upper and lower lip. You can see she had just the
slightest hint of wrinkling, along her lips before, and she has a nice correction with the Volbella,
– [Nicole] Very pleased. – [Doctor] afterwards. Alright, thank you

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