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Rotator Cuff Injection | Auburn Medical Group

with the first shot you feel excellent ok so you’re not up to the king this is my friend John and he been my patient for 23 days yeah we’ll go with that we’re going to go ahead and do the injection hear of his shoulder for his rotator cuff syndrome this is the part where we antiseptic on the skin in the area we’re going to mary’s the spray that makes the skin cold before on you yeah we did that last time okay here comes alright so you shouldn’t be feeling much with this so if I scream much system all you feel the medicine going in so first we put in the anesthetic couple cc’s of lidocaine and then we follow that up with pain pain with the cortisone shot you collect with no okay so you’re not up in decatur King brand name of that is marquis and then I finished up to get all that stuff out of the track not terribly important you know there’s risk of having some cortisone this in which can discolor it not a big deal unlikely that it would cause a sinus tract always help that’s very likely take off the mask majors in just kidding probably so just looking at the Chipmunks occupate-o soft instrumental it’s it’s it’s the pediatric sir thanks for joining my myself and John yeah he he behave this time really honest but he did behave this until next time John dr. Martin telling you to stay good help


  1. Rawov Un Lupin
    Rawov Un Lupin December 28, 2016

    For whatever reason the thing you added to the skin with a brush in the beginning grossed me out. I had no idea is was this squirmish.

  2. Lotus Blossom
    Lotus Blossom December 28, 2016

    Wow you made that look so easy and painless.

  3. Kristi Licea
    Kristi Licea December 28, 2016

    I've noticed that Dr Gilmore does these injections with what he calls the house blend lol. But he actually combines the pain medication with the steroid in one syringe and injects it that way. I'm just wondering if that might be a better way of doing it because his patients don't ever seem to even flinch when getting the injections. I had to endure the pain of having a steroid injection done in my neck area without the luxury of having any pain medication first so I'm really glad to see that patients now receive some type of pain relief with these injections now.

  4. Lauren
    Lauren December 28, 2016

    I remember a cortisone shot to my knee burning like no other.

  5. Sian Pursglove
    Sian Pursglove December 28, 2016

    This was so interesting to watch, I love how you talk calmly and still let your personality shine through, I wish I could be a patient of yours! I have a lot of health problems including my joints locking and dislocations mainly in my shoulders, which obviously causes immense pain, I just get pain meds at the time then left to it. So what I'm asking is would something like this be suitable at all? I know that it's hard to say when you don't know all of the facts, but I'm just wondering if it's something I should mention to my pain management team, thanks in advance dr, I love this channel! 😊❤

  6. Carlette Moser
    Carlette Moser December 28, 2016

    Doctor, About how long will an injection last until he needs another for pain?

  7. Victoria Watkins
    Victoria Watkins December 28, 2016

    aww what a good patient. he deserves a cool bandaid not a plain one…lol. just kidding thanks for sharing

  8. Daniela Gómez
    Daniela Gómez December 28, 2016

    So kind. Both of them

  9. stragi
    stragi December 28, 2016

    I've been having really bad shoulder pain in both shoulders for months now, how do you tell if it's rotator cuff? I can't pull things or reach behind me and using my arms to get up out of chairs or pushing myself up out of bed or side sleeping hurts so bad it brings me to tears sometimes, if i don't aggravate it it's tolerable or almost not there.

  10. Leilani K
    Leilani K December 28, 2016

    My husband is a truck driver. He Was in a horrible accident on the freeway. A woman coming from the opposite direction jumped the Jersey barrier and hit a small thruck. that truck went up in the air and landed on my husbands semi truck windshield. then my husband tboned her. Sadly she died instantly. Anyways his shoulder was injured bad by the seatbelt. he tore the rotater cuff . had surgery then got frozen shoulder. Everytime he got a shot in the shoulder it was very painful and they never cleaned the area first. Your a great and caring doc. Thank you for being you and wish you were closer to us.

  11. Andrea Wyant
    Andrea Wyant December 28, 2016

    I so wish you were my doctor!! I live in Los Angeles. I have a middle ear infection and external ear infection on both of my ears.. the pain is unbelievable. They've given me antibiotic shots, and have me on a zpack, then they gave me levaquin because that didn't work. I'm going on 6 days, I can't hear anything because my ears are swollen shut.. I wish you could take a look!

  12. Lindsay Antwine
    Lindsay Antwine December 28, 2016

    My dad had quite a few of these while waiting to receive a shoulder replacement. He is now 5 weeks into his recovery from a full replacement and doing excellent. 🙂 At almost 70 years of age, he now has a brand new titanium shoulder. 😀

  13. Paige Pryor
    Paige Pryor May 28, 2018

    Great! gonna shoot up now for free

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