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Russell T Davies Draws Daleks, The Tenth Doctor & MORE! | Doctor Who: The Fan Show

So I’m in a leotard standing there and Princess
Diana turns round to me and goes “Oh, it’s God.” Hello and welcome to the Fan Show. To celebrate National Poetry Day and the release
of Doctor Who’s first poetry book, Now We Are Six Hundred, we’ve brought along author
and novelist James Goss and up and coming illustrator Russell T Davies to tell us more. Hello. Hello. And you’re going to do some drawings for
us today as well? Lots of us are like this and lots of kids
are like this at home, if I’m sitting at a desk and there’s a meeting going on, I’ll
sit there and draw a TARDIS like this. It’s just the instinctive thing that I draw.
Do you do that? Does everyone do that? Do you think that’s one of the reasons why
the Daleks are so successful? Just because they are a thing you can draw, anyone can
draw. Kids draw it and draw it and draw it. It is a simple shape but also it’s a slightly
complicated shape. It is complicated. So you can have a crack at it if you’re
3 and then you get more and more complicated. There’s different levels of detail really
isn’t there. I love Peter Capaldi’s Daleks. I think he
just draws them ingeniously. There’s a Dalek. You’ve always been keen on drawing and graphic
design? My very first job was at BBC graphics illustrating
kid’s stories for BBC Wales. A person would sit on camera and I would do full colour paintings
for it. And then writing just gradually took over
but I loved it. I still love it. So how did all of this come about? It was an idea from the editor at BBC Books,
Albert de Petrillo who just rang up and went I’d like you to write a book of poetry. Albert de Petrillo sound like a cop, doesn’t
it? I know. De Petrillo Investigates as a series of books
with drawings. He needs that. It needs to be and… Petrillo and Goss! No. Oh. Anyway. We Are Six Hundred riffs off Now We Are Six
which is the 1927 poetry book by A. A. Milne. I found the copies of the books that I still
have on riffs off Now We Are Six which is the 1927 poetry book by A. A. Milne. I found the copies of the books that I still
have on my shelf from when I was a toddler. I used to nibble at the ends of book so all
of my little childhood teeth marks- I’ve drawn James wondering what to do, you
see? You’ve come out quite handsome there. I know! I look sort of like Tin Tin. Everyone does when they’re reduced to a
few lines. It was a case of picking up some of A. A.
Milnes source poems and then translating them from these really sweet, cute nursery rhymes
into things which are dark and terrible and horrible. One of the things that really stands out in
this book is how many times you’ve had to rhymes monster names and planets and weird
words. I had to put a rhyme in with syzygy. What did you rhyme with syzygy? Oh lordy, I can’t remember. I wasn’t meant to ask, was I? Well, we discovered last night, live in Foyles
that you hadn’t read the printed version. There’s a poem that lists all of the Doctors
companions and leaves out Wilf. I drew Wilf, Christel. I drew Wilf. The drawing is lovely as well because he’s
got his little Santa hat on and everything. Antlers. Turns out, syzygy rhymes with singularity
and I’ve rhymed the Doctor’s ego with the reverse polarity of neutron flow. You’ve drawn Wilf there. That’s kind of like an old goat. I’ll write the word Wilf. It’s sort of Camden Market Wilf. It is. Running one of those shops that sells wafty
things. He’s grown out quite a beard. We once found him on a newspaper store. Russell, you must have been delighted to be
offered this. Weirdly, it genuinely came out of the blue
at a time when I was thinking in life, I must draw more. I had gone out and bought stuff and it was
like Albert de Petrillo as well as being a cop is a great mind reader. This email arrived and it was like destiny. That’s meant to be. And I knew James’
work and I knew it’d be brilliant. Because it’s Doctor Who you’re not allowed
to talk about it, even if you’re making Doctor Who napkins, you have to sign a non-disclosure
agreement. I would be at dinner parties where people
would just sit there steadily, slowly carving chicken just going “well that’s… interesting” I haven’t been to a dinner party in like
20 years. Really? That surprises me, you’re Russell
T Davies! I can’t bare them. Who’d have dinner with people. I’ll go
out to a restaurant or something… maybe my friends just don’t invite me. Did you send poems to Russell and then Russell,
would you draw something around them? I had like a batch of 50 to begin with. I
thought they might come one by one but BANG! Emails. If really heavy could go BANG. They should develop a bit of software that
makes them go BOOF. Make your computer go like that. I didn’t realise how long it would take. Imagine having to draw them all. Well, buy
the book, please buy the book and you’ll see every single companion (except Wilf). As a fan I loved it. You sit there and think
you’re going to draw Vicki now. I’ve watched all of her episodes but I haven’t actually
sat and thought about Vicki in my life. You look up all of her costumes and that’s
the thing, what’s the most iconic? That word that everyone uses now, they use
iconic to mean left or right. Oh, turn iconic. Like that. Everyone. Using iconic for everything.
Do you want a cup of iconic? If I had to sit there and choose the one that
was most Vicki like, she’s just got that wide collar like that. So you see Doctor Who in very new ways until
you have to sit there drawing 50 years of costumes and you realise how brilliant they
are actually and how you can sum up… how distinctive they are and iconic, true use
of the word iconic. They are summed up by the sort of… Barbara
had that kind of collar in the 60s, those big wide collars and then you go through,
Tegan in her air hostess outfit. I loved it. I really appreciated all of that more than
I ever had. Is illustrating much different from writing? It’s as disappointing as writing is. Writing
is a constant series of disappointments. You have an idea and then you have to nail
it down into words and sentences and paragraphs and budgets and it’s never quite as brilliant
as that weird little ephemeral idea. And actually, there’s something about this,
there’s something I love about that illustration, you know, that’s really rough and lovely. I’m not drawing at the right angle here,
if I’m doing it at home, I’d do a really nice sort of rough Vicki and then you do it
properly and you have to fill in all of the gaps and the lines and make sure all of that
black is filled in like that and it kind of dies slightly. So it’s similar to writing like that. It’s
intensely miserable. Constantly disappointing and always anticlimactic
and a big let down in the end. There’s a poem called The Death List and
you’ve drawn quite a feminine figure, at the time, the upcoming Doctor, Thirteen. Did you have a hunch about a female Doctor? Yes, I drew, in the poem there’s a mysterious
Doctor wearing a mask so I have her high heels as well. I kind of knew what was in the air with future
Doctors to come and I actually emailed you and said, if you just change one word, you
can avoid giving away the sex of the Doctor in this poem which you happily did. And also, since we’re on the Fan Show, we
should mention that there’s a poem featuring Missy. You’ve drawn Missy holding a baby
and when we spoke to Steven on the Aftershow, he was talking about some email exchanges
between you two. We concocted this whole scheme that I’d
cliff-hanger out of my era on Doctor Who, handing over to Chris with Missy telling the
Master and the Doctor that she’s pregnant. I’d forgotten I had that conversation. I
must have done the drawing long after I spoke to Steven so I had forgotten I had done it
but yeah. There is also a poem where you’ve changed
some events, spoiler alert, Harriet Jones gets away on a motorbike. It’s not such a spoiler alert since they
printed it in Doctor Who Magazine. I wasn’t there when they shot the final
since of Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones in The Stolen Earth (fact fans). But Phil was on set and as he’s being shot
by the Daleks, he was stood there going “she’s not dead, a trap door opens up beneath her
and she jumps down onto a motorcycle and speeds away” and so I’ve finally drawn that. It’s a too complicated a drawing to show
here, there’s a lot of movement in that one, trap doors and things. It’s a BBC Book, that makes it canonical,
she is alive. You’ve dabbled with poetry. Now, funny you should ask. I last wrote a poem when I was 18 years old. This poem was for and presented to and I was
there, Princess Diana on her inaugural tour of Wales in 1981. They put on a show in Swansea. Marvellous
show. A Youth theatre in West Glamorgan, brilliant youth arts, youth dance, youth band, youth
orchestra. So they needed some poetry for the second
half linking it all together and I wrote a poem. And at this point I have to say, I’m standing
there, the actual truth of this is, there I am standing there and I was young and slim
and beautiful in a leotard. In the show I was playing God. It was a production
of Ralph Vaughan Williams “Job”. So I’m in a leotard standing there as Princess
Diana comes down the aisle and she literally turned round to me and went “Oh, it’s
God.” We were told not to shake hands with them.
Do not shake hands with them. So I waved and went “hello”, I actually waved in her
face like this. And my goodness, she’s tall. In high heels,
she was my height which is very rare. I’ve never met a woman that all before. “Oh, hello” We did a little curtain call at the end of
that so I put my glasses on, I didn’t have glasses on as God so there I was in my leotard
and glasses so I could see Princess Diana. And she went “I saw you put your glasses
on for the curtain call” and I went “So I could see you!” we were like this, we
were like intimate. And then the man showing her around said “Russell
has written the poetry in the second half to link all of the atoms together and she
went “Oh that’s very good” and I went “you haven’t seen it yet” So I was rude to Princess Diana, I waved in
her face. And she said, “what are you going to do
later on in life?” And said “I don’t know, I haven’t made
my mind up yet” and she went “Dance, dance, dance”. That was my career advice from Princess Diana,
to be a dancer. One day I’ll go back to this. I’ve gone
back to drawing, one day the dance will come back. Beat that for a poetry story, James Goss. No one can beat that. Do you have a favourite illustration of Russell’s? Two. One, the drawing of all of the companions
because I feel so guilty about it. Two, the drawing of Verity Lambert at the
end. Yes, that’s a beautiful poem. Oh, that’s nice. That’s the Doctor Who Adventures Dalek I’ve
just drawn there. It’s one of my favourite things in the world.
I literally draw that to myself every so often because it’s hilarious. It felt like a nice way to end things and
I’ve always been fascinated by Verity Lambert. And there is a real story, one of the original
directors of Doctor Who, Richard Martin, explained that Verity Lambert, every time she walked
into the BBC in the morning was glared at by everyone because she had taken this tiny
little programme that wasn’t supposed to be a success and she made it the
biggest thing on television and all of these people who thought they knew how television
was made, hated her and would glare at her every day. Richard Martin said Verity, dear? How do you
manage it? And she goes “Oh, I just buy a new hat every
day and I assume they’re looking at that.” You know, that’s brilliant because apart
from anything else, she’s saying “I’m so successful, I can afford to buy a new hat
every day.” It makes Verity Lambert the ultimate hero
of Doctor Who. And also, all of these poems are set in the fictional world of Doctor Who
and right at the end at the very last page, James breaks out and says this is a real person
who really made the show and who was a goddess. Have you ever been tempted to draw and do
some illustrations? Come on. Maybe have a go. No because… well… Draw the Taran Wood Beast. Oh. Big drawing. Big. I’m making up for the lack of skill with
the amount of paper. What the hell? Do you know what I do at Christmas? My boyfriend can’t draw at all and we sit
down and we draw Christmas cards to people and it’s the funniest day of the year. I literally say “Draw a turkey,” now and
if you ask someone now draw Jesus in a cradle, now draw a camel and we laugh for the rest
of the year actually. The day he drew a turkey and forgot to put
wings on it so it was just like a lump, it was just like a thing with flesh. We have coloured pens and everything. I would recommend people do it at Christmas.
It’s both a bonding experience and truly the funniest cards you’ll ever have. Do you know? It’s… no. No. Do you know what it’s lacking? Because the Taran Wood Beast’s face was
set within. You see? There we go. I’ve always got notes. Now I’ve got notes on drawings. 11/10. I’ve become that person. There’s a few crossed out. There was a very
bad Ian that I crossed out and Harry went wrong didn’t he? There was a Patrick Troughton? Oh, I’m still not very happy. Patrick Troughton
was like Mia Farrow. He’s properly hard to do. He’s kind of joyous as well so he’s
always dancing about on beaches and waving his hands. Then there’s those big baggy trousers, those
checked trousers. Actually, that’s brilliant. That’s better than the one in the book. That’s Patrick Troughton. Actually, that’s now Patrick Troughton. That’s it. That’s what I mean about costumes. You’re
sitting there and sometimes it’s a button or Tegan’s little hat or something or Nyssa’s
little tiara and you think, “Oh, that’s it”, you’ve got them… you add that hat
to them. That is better than the one in the book. I think that’s why kids love drawing and
there is something about Doctor Who, you can be terrible at Daleks and they are quite hard
to draw but if you draw the eye piece, you’ve got it. That is a Dalek. That’s only a Dalek. There’s something about reducing them to
the simple lines that works. James, you’re rather good at reading poetry. I think you’re going to have to give us
an example from the book. Or I can draw another Taran Wood Beast. Please don’t. Please read. Please. This is a poem about all of the Doctors which
Russell is going to draw all of the Doctors by the time I’ve finished reading this quite
short poem. Full Stop. When I was One
I was not much fun When I was Two
I was barely through When I was Three I liked strong tea
When I was Four I hated a bore When I was Five I was so alive
When I was Six I somehow could never quite fit in to what
was expected of me, well, not exactly but that was because things weren’t neat and
there are no easy rhymes in the universe and scansion, my
dear Peri, is a thing that’s really overrated and you only have to look at a sunset to realise
that creation itself is a poem and oh no wait, got it, of course, Fix! The line needed to
end with Fix! (Or tricks. That works too.) When I was Seven I sent gods to Heaven
When I was Eight Kissing was great When I was Nine I fought time
When I was Ten I began again When I was Eleven I totally got even
When I was Twelve, I became as clever as clever And now I think I’ll be Twelve for ever
and ever* *Unless, of course, there is a terrible catastrophe
involving explosions, Cybermen, radiation or heights. And then I guess we’ll find
out what comes next. But I tell you this, the eyebrows won’t be as good.
Brilliant. Oh, you managed it!
You’ve drawn David-ahhhhh! Allons-y.
A certain Doctor of my knowledge. Hurray.
Nice, isn’t it? I’m quite pleased with that one.
Well, thank you so much both for coming on the show. Thank you so much for your wonderful
drawings, Russell and thank you for that amazing poetry performance.
Now We Are Six Hundred is out now, there’s links in the description.
To see Peter Capaldi doing some drawing as well, click here and to subscribe to the official
Doctor Who YouTube channel, click here. We’ll see you soon,


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