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Sadhguru on Getting Stoned, Without Drugs

(Sadhguru): A certain scientist in United States was working on the impact of cannabis on human consciousness. For almost eighteen years the United States Government gave him thirty kgs of Marijuana per year to experiment . Eighteen years of experimentation he produced nothing. So during the late eighties when the drug situation was getting bad and they cut this quota thirty kgs of marijuana that they were giving to him nothing doing we don’t know where it is going, this thirty kgs. Because you have done nothing. He tried to explain that he has done so many things but still it has not come to conclusion but they said nothing doing and cut the marijuana quota. So he moved to Israel. The Israel government looked at his work and they decided to give him. So they gave him the same thirty kilos of marijuana for another six to eight years. Then he came up with this: He actually produced proof that within the human brain, every human brain there are millions of cannabis receptors so this information what to with this they do not know they threw it across they gave it to anthropologists they gave it to the physiologists they gave it to the neurologists they gave it to all kinds of people. There are millions of cannabis receptors in the human brain what is the explanation? How? Why? So anthropologists said may be at some point in history may be everybody was doping, which cannot be; because in many parts of the world it doesn’t even grow. So various kinds of explanations came; nothing sensible came out of it. Then the neurologists after about two and a half years of looking into this in various levels they said when human being is in a certain state of experience the human system itself produces the necessary chemicals for which it is waiting. So these millions of cannabis receptors are waiting for you to produce it. Those who could not produce it they tried to put it from outside and damaged the system. Look at me I am always blissed out. Look into my eyes and see I am stoned. Never been on any substance but always stoned. Because the very system does this. So in india there has been enormous – in the yogic systems there has been enormous focus on the pineal gland you know? You know the pineal gland? For a long time the modern medicine almost ignored it. They said there are so many things in this body which we are not bothered about. Because it is not concerned about day to day health situations. Today the maximum that they have come to is they are beginning to say this secretions of the pineal gland if they are on if they are active there will be no mood swings in you. That’s not the point. There is a whole system of yoga to activate the pineal gland if you activate this and if it generates sufficient amount of secretion you will be ecstatic every moment of your life. Simply every cell in your body will be bursting all the time. Now when you are like this, if you eat, if you don’t eat, if you sleep, if you don’t sleep, nothing matters. Because you are blissed out. In this state everything is effortless just doesn’t matter you can function at your best because you can effectively use your body and mind at its best. There is enough medical proof for this. Only when you are in utmost pleasantness otherwise you cannot use your body; you cannot use your mind to its fullest. Both this body and this mind will you can explore the full potential of what it is only when you are in a sustained level of pleasantness within you. Otherwise you are a damn issue by yourself. All the time you are an issue by yourself, it doesn’t work. So whatever the effort that a human being is making whether he goes to the temple goes to the bar wants to go to the heaven this is the whole effort isn’t it? Isn’t this the whole effort? He wants something larger than what is happening now to happen to him isn’t it so? Is not the reason why he is drinking why he is praying why he is drugging and why he thinks he wants to go to heaven? He wants something more to happen isn’t it? Look at this simply something more will happen only if your perception is enhanced. Not otherwise. Is that so? So the whole system of yoga is only focused towards enhancing the perception. If your perception is enhanced something more you don’t have to look for it. It is happening in such proportions you have to learn to handle it. Big things will happen


  1. Prashant Kaul
    Prashant Kaul September 5, 2012

    thank you Sadhguru, i hope it will provide correct perception to those who think that Drugs are the latest and the last thing present on earth to make em high. hahaha,
    isn't greed of green ruining us!?

  2. kaleidoscopesea
    kaleidoscopesea September 6, 2012

    wise man. appreciate you.
    Peace & Love

  3. no198720
    no198720 September 26, 2012

    Look at me i am always Blissed out! Look into my eyes and see i am Stonned !!!! 2.45

  4. Truburgh
    Truburgh October 3, 2012

    I think they call that Bhava Spandana

  5. codyjames01111
    codyjames01111 November 19, 2012

    This is number one on my bucket list.

    JUSTCANETV January 17, 2013

    i am as we speak lol

  7. Sam Jam
    Sam Jam May 19, 2013

    guru ji your amazing

  8. Alan Russell
    Alan Russell August 10, 2013

    Respect to your teachings Namaste Sadhguru

  9. rakkoolthediju
    rakkoolthediju September 2, 2013


  10. Kilju Pullo
    Kilju Pullo October 3, 2013


  11. Concepcion Alonso
    Concepcion Alonso February 11, 2014

    Great!!! thanks

  12. Tyler Worrell
    Tyler Worrell February 11, 2016

    Thank you!

  13. Arya viejo
    Arya viejo January 17, 2017

    Hahaha love you sadhuruuuu

  14. Navneet Singh
    Navneet Singh February 4, 2017

    💜 and respect

  15. Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma February 28, 2017

    prnam sadhguru ..thanku for giving ur knowledge to the world.. jai ho

  16. Arrogance Sutherland
    Arrogance Sutherland March 7, 2017

    InsanIQly Divine! xxx

  17. praveen sharma
    praveen sharma June 8, 2017


  18. Captain Richards
    Captain Richards June 30, 2017

    "He wants something more to happen…"
    Inner, and Outer…

  19. Ma Po
    Ma Po July 18, 2017

    thank you

  20. Ganesh Nair
    Ganesh Nair January 29, 2018

    thank you Guruji

  21. srishti negi
    srishti negi February 18, 2018

    How can you be so amzin?

  22. Demi 1884
    Demi 1884 January 11, 2019

    Please helpp me

  23. evil_muscle muscled
    evil_muscle muscled August 4, 2019

    Hes a good man and a good guy 👍

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