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Sara Child, PA, Orthopedics Physician Assistant, So. Burlington, VT

(upbeat music) – Hello, I’m Sara Child. I’m an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. (upbeat music) One of trust and I think that I can relate to patients and make
them feel comfortable. So I would say that most
people walk out of that room feeling better about the problem that may not have been
cured in that moment and we may not have an answer yet, but that they feel
comfortable and confident to come back and see me about it. So I have faith in the
practice cause I’ve been a patient here, my husband’s
been a patient here, and my family has. (upbeat music) Being a native Vermonter,
I have neighbors, I have family members, I have
old teachers that come in and it’s really rewarding to see them and to be able to help them
and also relate to them. And so half the visit we’re
chatting and socializing and then the other half is you know, focusing on how we can get them better. (upbeat music)

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