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Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest – food, medicine and superhuman strength

Alright y’all, we’re up in the rainforest
for reals. I’ve got my bathing suit on because we’re gonna go swimming after
that but we came on a boat to one of these islands. I don’t even know where.
The mosquitos are real out here. We all have on bug repellent but it’s intense
but beautiful. It is unreal. It’s like the Discovery Channel right here in the
flesh. It smells like sweet fresh fruit, plants and it was smells so
beautiful and fresh out here. We have a guide. We just met a medicine man and we are exploring. It is so beautiful and amazing out here seriously. Honey, how old is that guy? 76. 76 years
old, killing it right now. watch out Lex, move out of the way. Look at his technique. He’s like the original Tarzan dude. Look at that! He’s up so high. Yep. Knees tight around the tree. American is too heavy. They found some Indian dye. She’s dying her hair red. That had better come off. There. You guys can see. You guys are a mess. Let me see the seeds. I want to see me. Apparently that stains. You’re gonna
have to go to church like that. Yeah. I put face paint on me and there’re
mosquitoes. yeah. We’re gonna get some cacau. They’re right here we’re in the
forest seeing cool stuff about the trees and yeah my name is Trumann. I’m
an Indian. So this tree behind me the Indians would make canoes out of this
tree. It looks like a perfect boat making tree. Look. It’s rubber. It’s rubber. Little indian girl. Medicinal plant. These are all açaí trees. Hi guys. Right now, we’re in the jungle
having a really good time. The mosquito repellent isn’t really working. They’re
still digging through it. But it’s still really cool. That paint
on my nose and my lip, that’s the Indian type of paint. I wanted it to look like I had a bloody nose. It’s medicine. It’s medicine for the throat. You can try it. What’s it for? For your throat. He said it’s sour but go ahead and taste it. This tree is over 300 years old
and it’s called the mother of the Amazon because the roots are 35 meters.
They grow 35 meters into the ground. Over 100 feet and they bring water from all
around. Those roots bring the water from all around and water all the other
plants around it. So, if I survived, I could do a clay roof and do a little door. It could be my house because there are already three walls right here. You could make a lean to right there. You wanna sleep out here? Of course you do. This was a day in the life of a native on one of the islands off of the Amazon River. We got to see how he lives, what he eats, his backyard, which is the Amazon rain forest, the medicines he uses. This is incredible. Thanks for joining us in another video. We’ll talk to you later. Tchau.

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