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Series 10 Review | The Aftershow | Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Hello and welcome to an extra special episode
of Doctor Who: The Fan Show. We thought it best before we crash into Christmas
to reflect on series 10 and finally analyse Top of the Locks. Joining me here on the TARDIS is – fresh from
the internet – Luke Spillane and journalist and editor, Cameron K McEwan.
Welcome guys. On the TARDIS! This is great, isn’t it? It’s really hard to concentrate on this
discussion. Yeah. There are so many buttons. Because of all the buttons and switches. We want to see Series 11 now! It is very distracting but amazing to be here. Let’s start off by talking about the new
companion, Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. I think first of all, from my opinion, she’s
been the best thing to happen to Doctor Who in years. I think she’s been amazing. That’s not a negative sight on the show,
it’s just been such a breath of fresh air to have Bill but also Pearl, Pearl specifically
has brought so much to the role of Bill and it’s just been so exciting to watch every
week. It’s not just about where you are, it’s
about watching Bill’s reactions to everything, I’ve loved that. Even up until the end, she’s asking all
of these questions. She’s acting in ways that are quite refreshing and quite new, challenging
the Doctor. So that’s what makes her journey so fantastic
because she was so different and yet, her end… Cry, cry, cry. But what a brilliant end. Steven said this before, Doctor Who is a happy
show, it’s a show for families, it should end that way and it’s nice that she got
that ending. I was really chuffed about Bill and Heather
getting together at the end of the series just because Bill has so many awful dates
throughout the series and I just thought, “Oh, Bill…”. ‘Puddle Girl’ as some of us called her,
at the end of the first episode, The Pilot, when she leaves there’s that tear which
Steven very cleverly put into episode 1 and I love the fact that it was Bill’s choice
to go with Heather. But the idea of Bill being a Cyberman, extensively
she had died becoming a Cyberman so living a life in that wonderful way is fantastic.
And who knows, I wonder if she’ll return for Chris Chibnall’s series? Yeah. Anything is possible. Somewhere out there, Bill and Heather are
meeting up with Clara and Ashildr and they’re having a great American burger in the diner
TARDIS. Or they go to a parallel universe and meet
Rose and Doctor 10.1. It’s a spin-off waiting to happen. Let is not be said, it was amazing to see
a companion who is different. A companion who is diverse, who liked ladies this series,
we had that. That was so good, we got to see her on dates.
It wasn’t something that was mentioned and we didn’t see any of it and the fact she
got that at the end, what I’m coming to, she gets her love with Heather and we get
that kiss and it’s great and it’s like, yes. Doctor Who doing it right. And of course, Bill isn’t the only companion
this series, we’ve got NARDIE! Nardole, we’ve got Nardoe who is just absolutely
brilliant. So funny. I think he’s been such a blessing to this series. He’s kind of a friend to the Doctor but
almost like a colleage. Early on I think we do realise he knows a
lot. He knows how to pilot the TARDIS, he knows about the Doctor and Time Lords. Yeah, I don’t think we’ve had a companion
like that in new Who have we? We’ve very much had your Romanas, your K-9s
even your Adrics who know how to work things, can sort of get on and not ask questions.
Even people like Nyssa, just on a level with the Doctor in terms of technicalities. And it was nice to see that again in new Who
but actually have fun with it. We actually don’t know much about his backstory
which weirdly I really liked. I’ve really liked him just sort of functioning and being
amusing and being brilliant and being so wonderful to watch on screen but never really even wanting
to have it all explained. I do not doubt he has adventures on his own
during the night. Once the Doctor is out there guarding the Vault, he’s in here like “right,
off I go!”. He’s going on fun, safe adventures because
we know that he doesn’t like danger too much. I’m sure Nardole’s version of The Fires
of Pompeii is he walks out, realises he’s in Pompeii and goes “I will leave”. “This is nice… and I’m off”. One thing I would like to point out is it’s
just so nice to have a TARDIS team. I love TARDIS teams, I’m a sucker for a TARDIS
team. It changes it, doesn’t it? The dynamic completely
changes. The Doctor and Rose with Micky, The Doctor
and Amy with Rory, the Doctor Rose with Jack. I love a three people TARDIS team, it’s
a really nice balance. What do you think is different about that? I think the third person always allows you
to have a bit more fun. Normally when you have three in the TARDIS,
it’s the other two and the Doctor and often there’s a lot of comedy, if it’s Amy and
Rory, having fun at the Doctor’s expense and being all alien. But with here, Bill is pretty much by herself
and Nardole and the Doctor are the ones. They’re their own little double act but
it doesn’t really effect the Doctor and Bill’s relationship. And then we have that amazing team TARDIS
in episode 11 when you have Missy, Nardole, the Doctor and Bill. When she comes out of
that TARDIS and she’s Doctor Who, what a moment. I think Missy is one of the most bizarrely
wonderful things ever to happen to Doctor Who.
She’s been amazing to watch in Series 8, Series 9 and even more so in Series 10 just
because I think for me, we see such a wide range of emotions and a different side to
that character. I think it was a really nice next step to
take the Master in with Missy. I think the beginning of her story in Series 8 the basic
premise of that is her giving the Doctor a gift and so you’re like “warning signs”,
she’s trying to tell me something here. And we’ve seen the progression of that story
to the point where she’s being good this series. How interesting as that been to watch? Because of out of all of the Doctor’s enemies,
Davros tricked us last series but out of all of the enemies, the Master was always going
to be the one I think who comes round to being the Doctor’s best mate. What I really like about this is she has turned
good. It’s actually happened. I was gearing myself up to be like “it’ll never happen,
at the last minute she’ll turn” but she does however the Doctor never sees it. That’s the saddest thing in this whole series,
the Doctor thinks when she leaves, that she was always going to be bad again. Missy was always going to become good but
only Missy could kill her previous self which isn’t something a completely good person
could do. They found it so brilliant that this had happened,
they stabbed each other in the back and they thought it was hilarious and that is amazing. For Michelle Gomez, those two episodes are
just fantastic. She got to be Missy to the extreme, right from the get-go. From saying
she her name was Doctor Who and her take down of the companions/assistants, everything she
did was just wonderful. She’s so brilliant and like Peter, is sometimes
so subtle and her face just speaks a thousand words. For instance when the Doctor is shouting
at the Master and she’s just looking over his shoulder. The expertise of Michelle Gomez is how brilliant
she is at balancing both comedy and serious especially in this series because we’ve
seen her go from emotional scenes where she’s being executed to she wakes up and she’s
like “don’t touch me”. She’s brilliant at balancing the humour
and this series we’ve got so much more of her crying and real emotional stuff for her
to get herself stuck into. What I really enjoyed about this arc was it’s
not a case of ta-da, it’s a case of, it’s Missy, there’s another story to tell here.
What’s going on? Why is she here? Why is she under the Doctor’s guard? What did she
do to have this execution? There’s so much more in it which makes it
more interesting. You get to go into the actual vault in Lie of the Land. A really great shot
that Wayne Yip has directed, the doors open up into this massive, I was going to say throne
room, prison? Living room? Gas heaters. You get to enjoy that reveal quite a few times
which I think is really nice. I think the other thing it did from the Doctor’s
point of view, he gave up being Doctor Who to go back to the Earth, to the UK, to Bristol. It grounded him. Nardole had a role there in keeping him on
Earth, he was tyring to escape and go on these adventures and all of those things connect
but they happen because of the arc. Yeah, absolutely. And Missy isn’t the only Master. JOHN SIMM! He’s back, yeah. I love John Simm from his previous episodes
with David Tennant and I remember him being announced and thinking [GASPS] That was just so exciting. And then on screen, seeing them two together.
The finale, The Doctor Falls where it opens on Missy and the Master dancing. Only the Master would find themselves utterly
attractive and form a relationship with themselves, I think you could sort of see it happening,
couldn’t you? I thought what was really good about John
Simm coming back was he went old school Master in World Enough and Time. The disguise, we
love the Master in disguise. Because John Simm’s Master has had his own
story told, a great story by Russell from Last of the Time Lords through to the End
of Time, that story was kind of done and now we come back we can have more fun with that
because we’ve got Missy as the Master. So John Simm’s Master can be – in the same
way the War Doctor was in The Day of the Doctor – a kind of epitome of Classic Doctors. His
reaction to the new Doctors was “why are you talking so fast and waving your sonic
around?”. Here we get John Simm’s Master in a classic
disguise and with no idea why at first, he’s just enjoying himself. He spends 10 years down there just for the
enjoyment of seeing Bill get turned into a Cyberman. That is dedication. And he’s sort of typically the Master, John
Simm’s Master. The things he says which are quite unkind when Bill is the Cyberman,
he’s really rude and horrible. Horrible about women. The way he talks about them, there’s that
great line “is the future all girl?” and then the Doctor says “we can only hope”. He’s taken the prosthetic off and he’s
been shaving brilliantly for when the reveal actually happens. “She’s going to turn
up any day soon and this is going to be so worth it.” John Simm’s performance as the Master is
quite different. He’s not that mad, deranged character driven mad by the drums. The drums, the sound of the drums made him
become that Master, now we’ve seen him at the end of his regeneration, the Time Lords
have cured this, the drums have gone and now he turns into Missy. So it all ties up. It’s so satisfying when it ties up like
that. Thank you, Steven. Thank you, Steven. Thank you. Two words for you guys. Peter. Capaldi. PEPE!!! Bless Pepe. He’s touched this console. It has been blessed. This was a tremendous series to go out on.
I mean, of course we still have the Christmas special to enjoy, a whole episode of Capaldi
greatness. But this year, he has just been on top form
throughout. He’s so much to do. Steven has given him some great things to do. Some light
things, some lovely stuff in the university and then he finally decides I’m just going
to go out into the universe. His interactions with Bill are completely
different to what we’ve seen from Peter before and then this wonderful stuff in the
finale. My new favourite speech of all time, my new
favourite Doctor speech and this is true. The finale where he tries to talk down the
Master and Missy. He basically sums up the character of the
Doctor and why he does what he does. He might fail but it’s not about success, it’s
just doing what you can because it’s a kind thing to do. And I love the fact that in The Doctor Falls,
Steven has given him this very heroic scene, taking down all of the Cybermen in the forest.
He’s got his sonic. He’s taking them down. It’s perfect. Because Peter hasn’t had that kind of- Not action like that. Well, Steven said the Doctor doesn’t normally
have action like that and having those moments sparingly, it means that it’s a big threat. It’s so lovely to see because it’s so
rare. And it’s in slow-motion which is even better. Thank you very much Rachel Talalay. I quite enjoy seeing Doctors change over periods.
The Eleventh Doctor had a kind of defined change. He went from being the ‘Raggedy Man’ to
a bit more, for the 50th anniversary year, he was very much an archetype of the Doctor,
all of a sudden tail coats and waistcoats and fob watches. So a bit of a change there. The Fourth Doctor
had quite a big change. The Fourth Doctor by the end of it, visually was quite different
and a lot more moody by the end of it. That man who comes down these steps in Deep
Breath who says “I’ve lived for 2000 years” and he’s very slim-lined, this clean cut
Doctor, I can’t imagine that Doctor doing what happens at the end of The Doctor Falls. Fighting all of those Cybermen, running around
everywhere. His Doctor has evolved and I’ve really enjoyed watching that. I think what’s allowed Peter Capaldi to
play that kind of Doctor is having a new companion to show off to. Because that’s what he’s doing most of
the time. His Doctor has also been grounded for a while
which puts a really nice angle on episodes like Smile in that the Doctor get’s really
excited to blow up the city. The Doctor is showing off to a new companion
but also, how long has he been in the university for? He’s got itchy feet. This is the first time he’s been on an alien
planet in yonks and he’s going “I’m gona to save the day! I’ve been doing lectures
for years! I’m gonna show off! I’m gonna do something brilliant.” And he has a new dynamic this series which
I think is what changes him so much. I think also, just a couple of episodes on
in Knock Knock, he’s trying to be the cool uncle, he’s trying to be her friend and
she’s calling him her granddad. He’s down with the kids listening to Little
Mix, who isn’t these days? He’s down with the kids there, he’s trying
and that’s hilarious stuff from Peter. In Series 10, there are quite a lot of stand
out performances for me, definitely David Suchet as the Landlord and new monsters like
the Monks as well, they were amazing, they looked incredible and really, really scary. How about you guys? Well, talking about the Monks, one of the
scenes from the series that has stuck in my mind is that moment in the Pyramid at the
End of the World where they’re in the plane and about to attack and person turns round
and it’s suddenly a Monk. It really made me jump. In the plane, yeah. Yeah, it really made me jump. They were excellent.
The wood monster, Eliza. For me, a particular favourite episode for
me as a result of the cast and the monsters was Oxygen. They were just so brilliant at creating this
dynamic, you believe that they’ve been existing and going about this terrible problem for
a while. The zombie monsters in it. It was in space.
We had lots of gravity stuff. Just everything a Doctor Who story should
be for me, well, what I enjoy in a Doctor Who story. But also Empress of Mars because we had Ice
Warrors and we had Iraxxa. Iraxxa looks awesome. Dreadlocks! She was so good. A female Ice Warrior. So good. I did love seeing the Mondasian Cybermen. Oh, how could we forget those? I love the fact that we saw the genesis of
their look and they look so good on screen. Another performance I really enjoyed was David
Bradley. Yes! The original, you might say. Yes? Hm. What a surprise. That was a amazing. What a way to end a series. Not only are you
like “Oh my god, a regeneration, the Twelfth Doctor is going, oh and there’s the First
Doctor.”. But again, Steven is subverting it, we think
we’re going to see Doctor Thirteen but oh no! We see Doctor one. A stand out performance for me, Peter Capaldi’s
hair which has got a life of it’s own and I think at this point we should analyse Top
of the Locks. Roll sting. Let’s just put those markers in on the Series
10 Top of the Locks board. Now, that is a very busy board so let’s
dial it down a bit and focus in on the Doctor. Cameron, what do you think? It’s been an interesting trajectory for
Mr Capaldi. At the beginning a little bit down, a few of his co-starts being a little
bit cheeky but by the end he has a very strong finish. A bit more of a mixed picture for Bill. She
started off really strong and dropped down with that helmet hair and then dipped even
further by episode 9 with a pony tail. And of course in episode 11 she articulates
being shots using her air alone. She’s quite the companion. A hair raising
adventure no-less. And what about Nardole? A real grower this
year, unlike his hair. Way back Steven Moffat told us Nardole had invisible hair and P-Cap,
he said lots of men have invisible hair. But there has been an upward swing with a
series of amazing invisible hairstyles, hats and of course, Matt Lucas told us his hair
grows inwards resulting in a very hairy mouth. And finally, a disappointing picture for Missy.
Despite shedding the uptight Mary Poppins for a pinapple up-do, she doesn’t quite
breakthrough mid-range and even by the end, gets outdone by her predecessor, John Smim. So, that was Top of the Locks. Agree? Disagree? Furious? Mash the keyboard in the comments below. And now, over to Luke in the Internet. What? Yeah, go on then. Where is the internet? Go down there, third door on the right, past
the hair floofing machine and turn left at the swimming pool. Turn left… okay. Chop, chop. Woah, sorry about that, just took a little
dip in the swimming pool and used the hair floofing machine, and oh, what’s that? They’re
playing my song! Yes, Gallifreyforever97 was one of the first
to respond to our request for remixes of the old PCap endboard. Thanks to everyone who
sent one in. They were all weird and wonderful in their own special ways. Right, to business! Bethan dotted and dashed her way through this
pair of Twissy portraits – Niamh painted this lovely John Simm watercolour
– – and Jacky the Robot speculated as to what
the Master’s TARDIS looked like. Love the Master’s interior décor including
an armchair, a Picasso and a skull from The Cheetah Planet. Meanwhile, Lloyd sketched this frankly uncanny
likeness of Peter Capaldi- Tash gave us this beautiful Pride flag-wrapped
Bill – – And Space Junkz, tugged our heartstrings
with these iconic quotes. Don’t, you’ll set me off again. Right,
let’s talk about Cybermen. Jalen sketched this amazing picture of a Cyberman
– – the Action Figure Workout team have been
flexing their creative muscles with some models – – And Sir Mufik impressed us massively by
making a pencil Cyber-sketch into a soundboard. DOC-TOR. To clarify, he used science magic to make
a drawing come to life. Wow. And finally, George gave us this truth. Well, the Doctor HAS been eating a lot of
crisps lately… And so let’s look ahead to Christmas! The Cyberdevil treated us to this poster,
5 months ahead. Keen. Doctor Puppet recreated the official publicity
photo – And that’s it. Thanks to everyone who’s tweeted and emailed
stuff for Luke in the Internet. Sorry we’ve not been able to show it all,
but please keep sending things in – we’ll try and share as much as possible. Well, I’m off to read this, thanks to Andrew-Mark
Thompson for the wonderful cover and we’ll see you back over there on the TARDIS in a
bit we definitely didn’t film 10 days ago. Well, that’s the end but the moment has
been prepared for. We’ll be back very soon with all of the
usual Fan Show nonsense. In the meantime, click here to rewind and
see all of the Aftershows from Series 10 and to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube
channel, you can click here. We’ll see you soon. Bye!


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    You might be a doctor, but I am the doctor, the definite article you might say- Tom Baker "Robot"

  48. Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes July 8, 2017

    It was alright. I would give it 6/10

  49. Toby France
    Toby France July 8, 2017

    Oxygen was my favourite as well!

  50. Bread Crumb
    Bread Crumb July 8, 2017

    the TARDIS, the biggest fidget cube ever.

  51. Krush28
    Krush28 July 8, 2017

    Peter Capaldi is the most wasted Doctor (not including 8th). He became a sideshow to the Clara Who show. Clara was actually OK but they spent way too much screen time with her boring everyday life.

    Bill was okay but the series still spent too much time with her. Nardole was the best part of the series as he felt fresh and he was very clever.

    But Heaven Sent is the 12th Doctor's best episode.

    Steven Moffat is great for individual episodes or stories. I loved the Zygon and the last Cybermen episodes (They've been wasted for years now). But when he makes a whole series it often becomes a parody of itself. Sherlock series 4 is a example of this. He's done a lot of good episodes but the finale is often underwhelming. 11th Doctor also suffered from the same problem.

    And please don't do any more Class. I couldn't even finish that series. That was 90% personal problems and 10% actual story.

  52. Programical
    Programical July 8, 2017

    If Heather can just turn cybermen back into people, then why didn't she do that with EVERY cyberman that ever existed? She can travel through time and space after all…

  53. QuietMyth
    QuietMyth July 8, 2017

    "hello and welcome to an extra special episode of doctor who: the fan show, I've only got a job here because of a diversity quota, and joining me here are…"

  54. Martin Wood
    Martin Wood July 8, 2017

    I wanted to know more about the guys who catalogue everybody's deaths (from Extremis) and seem determined to bring (Sutekh's gift of?) death to everyone but only at the hand of one of their own species. I see a flaw in this plan. What happens when you get down to the last one of each species?

  55. Laurence Gill
    Laurence Gill July 8, 2017

    This wasnt really a review was it, more just a tongue bath with as many synonyms for good as they could think of

  56. munster8472
    munster8472 July 8, 2017

    season 10 was terrible. bill wrecked it.

  57. EpiCuber7
    EpiCuber7 July 8, 2017

    I love how the subtitles person corrected him at 10:25

  58. Ultra Time Lord
    Ultra Time Lord July 8, 2017

    Doctorwho series 11 now

  59. Helen Smith
    Helen Smith July 8, 2017

    I loved the series!! But I felt let down by the finale. I'm confused why you describe Bill as having a happy ending! it just felt like Moffat wrote himself into a corner and brought back heather to get out of it and it was just odd. it's a shame if she doesn't stay; she's the best companion for years!! and nardole's ending was silly too. it's such a shame because I really think it'd been the strongest series for years and I really enjoyed it up till then.

  60. Kyle Netherwood
    Kyle Netherwood July 8, 2017

    Nardole did far too well in Top of the Locks

  61. Amy Bean
    Amy Bean July 8, 2017


  62. DJWhovian
    DJWhovian July 8, 2017

    Wish I could work on the Fan Show.

  63. Fun with Simon
    Fun with Simon July 8, 2017

    Is it to late to change the next show runner?

  64. Alan Henry
    Alan Henry July 8, 2017

    Series 10 has been Peter Capaldi's best to date. It will be a shame to see him go. Bill was the best thing to happen to the Doctor and Pearl Mackie brought her character to life so brilliantly. At first I didn't warm to Nardole but seeing the little touches Matt Lucas brought to the character made it sad when he said goodbye to the Doctor. But for me Michelle Gomez has been so brilliant in her portrayal of Missy. I so wanted her to run and save the Doctor but her end added to the love/hate Doctor/Master relationship so it makes a lot of sense. But finally we have the wonderful David Bradley whose appearance as the first Doctor brings so many questions. So roll on Christmas! 10/10. "You did quite well my boy, yes quite well!"

  65. kwdmiller3
    kwdmiller3 July 8, 2017

    Bill Hartnell's wife name was Heather.

  66. Blue River
    Blue River July 8, 2017

    love the after show <33 hope there'll be one for the xmas special too?

  67. Cadi Delyth Davage
    Cadi Delyth Davage July 8, 2017

    I love it when the Doctor, with several companions now, gives a really long instruction to his companion and he/she just goes "Okay" and goes off! Like Bill with "Where's the toilet?" in the first episode!!

  68. Squicx
    Squicx July 9, 2017

    the irish mans suit made me dance like a chicken.

    Why? guess!

  69. timelady.mp4
    timelady.mp4 July 9, 2017

    Turn LEFT???

  70. Jack Miller
    Jack Miller July 9, 2017

    Bill needs to come back. Since Martha, I was not sold on the other companions. The others were stale.
    I would like to see Pearl Mackie come to the US, and try comedy, say getting a role on Big Bang Theory.

  71. Karla Rossi
    Karla Rossi July 9, 2017

    LOVE the DT 3D T!

  72. Joseph
    Joseph July 9, 2017

    This season had some of the best episodes in years, especially Extremis and WEAT. Overall though the season was pretty poor. Especially the ending to The Doctor Falls. I like how Heather saved Bill but it went on for too long, her scene should've been very short and open ended to keep some of the mystery of the show.

  73. Paul Charles Morris
    Paul Charles Morris July 9, 2017

    Shame you couldn't have had a tv critic on, who would have given a balanced, unbiased view of the series!

  74. Paul Charles Morris
    Paul Charles Morris July 9, 2017

    Did none of them dislike anything in series 10?

  75. Watsford7
    Watsford7 July 9, 2017

    Only a true doctor who fan could really fly the taridis

  76. Gogsley
    Gogsley July 9, 2017

    yea yea yea, can you guys hurry up on the Christmas special trailer please?

  77. Pegasi Love
    Pegasi Love July 9, 2017

    I really don't want to see Peter Capaldi go. I hope he plays a very big part in the Christmas special… if any of the team from the Doctor Who series is reading this. I want a pair of Sonic glasses!

  78. SuperAbbie22
    SuperAbbie22 July 9, 2017

    all of it best programme ever

  79. The Impression man
    The Impression man July 9, 2017

    Such a good season what a great companion as well!
    Hope we see the 12ths doctors part in saving gallifrey in the xmas special!

  80. Matt Baines
    Matt Baines July 9, 2017

    That's my favorite Doctor Speech now too

  81. Sludge Pump Hi-Power Beats
    Sludge Pump Hi-Power Beats July 9, 2017

    very hit and miss for me. the quality of the writing has gone down hill a lot! also, could we have a more comprehensive backstory of 'puddle lezbo' or whatever her name was again, she pretty much saved bill but because we know little about her…. seems a bit like a bit of a cop out to me.

  82. PD
    PD July 10, 2017

    Biased review, where are the negatives for the series? Things that you didn't quite like etc..?

  83. Warren Worthington
    Warren Worthington July 10, 2017

    that host SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS,

  84. Nathan Dc Marvel
    Nathan Dc Marvel July 11, 2017

    I felt no connection to this doctor or bill, moffet writing has set doctor who back abit

  85. Spurs 888
    Spurs 888 July 11, 2017


  86. Adam Rogers
    Adam Rogers July 12, 2017

    "Am I a good man?"
    Yes. Clearly and completely.

  87. Bev Cummins
    Bev Cummins July 12, 2017

    The Costumes were fantastic and I like the 1800 ones the best . The music was beautiful . The whole series was so enjoyable until the last two when you were dreading his end all the way through. The writing was so good in those episodes . Left me entertained, crying , uplifted ,sad, amazed , and floored . Anything that can do that is extremely high quality .

  88. Hillary Halford
    Hillary Halford July 12, 2017

    "We haven't had a companion in New Who who know the technicalities…" River?

  89. Marium Haider
    Marium Haider July 13, 2017

    make doctor who but as Lego form

  90. Bárbara Ribeiro
    Bárbara Ribeiro July 20, 2017

    thanks for the Earthly Child reference!

  91. Nicole Mazza
    Nicole Mazza July 22, 2017

    Christel — I'm soooo into your 80s Patrick Nagel-esque Tenth Doctor shirt. Where did you get it?

  92. James Donnelly
    James Donnelly July 29, 2017

    That guy's suit jacket is awful on my PS3/TV it's causing havoc with my eyes!!

  93. Sarah A
    Sarah A July 31, 2017

    the moment that made me cry the most last season was the scene with cyberman bill where she says " doctor, i waited for you ". breaks my heart

  94. David Morris
    David Morris August 1, 2017

    Turn left… TURN LEFT SHE SAID

  95. 赤炎
    赤炎 August 9, 2017


  96. OddSocks
    OddSocks August 14, 2017

    Don't worry, well be happy about everything in this review! Because this is on the doctor who YouTube channel

  97. joem2600
    joem2600 September 17, 2017

    Why is a 10 year boy wearing a David Tennant t-shirt when Peter Capaldi is the Doctor?

  98. Rigsby 1
    Rigsby 1 December 11, 2018

    Ha, underlining current of this episode 'we hate clara'

  99. Audrey Pender
    Audrey Pender March 14, 2019

    0:37 your gonna be disappointed………..

  100. Audrey Pender
    Audrey Pender March 14, 2019

    0:49 what?

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