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Sexsmith Medical Clinic

The first thing I tell people about the
clinic, is that it’s personalized quality care. It’s been a pillar in the community,
I would say most patients have a good impression of the clinic and they feel really comfortable coming here. People take the time to say thank you and show their gratitude. The clinic is very respected in the community. The physicians get to know their patients one-on-one, they get a full picture of
their care. There’s a lot of interdisciplinary collaboration, because
we have pharmacists, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, and it’s a great opportunity to work with the full scope of a healthcare team. And the clinic won an award for the best teaching clinic, two years ago. You’re gonna have a wide variety of things that you see, it’s not just your coughs and
colds. We do small procedures here, chronic disease management, we have
pregnancies, oh goodness we have we have everything you do
everything here, you know! You get to have followup with patients, and see their progression which is nice. We have seven rooms, we’ve got TeleHealth here, we’ve
got a procedure room that has three beds, we work also with our dentist and our
physiotherapist, we’re all in the building it’s it’s very convenient. We also have a pharmacy attached which is awesome! Anytime we have questions on
medications and what would be the best option we’ve got a head full of medical
knowledge next to us that we can bounce ideas off of. They do have a healthy living program in
Sexmith. The town is a big part of that. We’ve got the beautiful biking trails here, walking trails…
I love the walking trails. The walking trails are definitely a bonus,
and the fitness culture in Sexsmith is lovely. The amount of people that keep
showing up every time is… it’s a huge turnout It’s just good attitudes all
around! It’s a great great community, like I couldn’t be happier with choosing to
live here. You’re gonna laugh lots. I hate to say it but I feel like honestly we have the best staff. There’s potential for lots of growth we have an amazing facility with lots of room. We do have a big picture in mind, and we definitely want to be able to provide more and better services to our patients. This
clinic has got so much potential, we’re a short commute to the city… just go down the hill and you are in the city. I would love to see a younger physician
come in who has the ambition and the drive to grow and expand the clinic, to
see this is an opportunity to build something and use it to its absolute max. In this place you have to have a sense of humor, but we also want someone with a big heart and that practices medicine to take care of people, and form those relationships with our patients. We’ve got a high standard of care here and we want to maintain that and expand on that as well.

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