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Single Shot Assembly vs. LSR 2-Shot Injection Molding

Dave and Jason are both hard at work producing
the most important componentfor competing disco light musical shower head manufacturers.
Dave has chosen a single shot silicon solution and will make two parts to make his final
component, while jason has decided to go with SIMTEC and their LSR two-shot process which
combines different materials to produce a single component.
Dave is still trying to figure out what materials to use, while Jason is helpedby the SIMTEC
team in choosing the right materials based on his production and final product needs.
Dave’s parts are finally delivered, but now he has to spend additional time putting them
together. Jason receives one final component that’s
ready to use. Dave’s parts are being put together, but they
stick to the assembly line, causing production delays.
While jason is watching his shower head come out of the assembly-line, Dave is still figuring
out how to make his speaker container. Dave’s boss is very frustrated and threatens
to fire him. Jason is on the beach and enjoying the success
of this product. Dave’s decision to go with someone other than
SIMTEC causes him to explore other employment options. SIMTEC: your partner for success.
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