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SoluStab – Water medication

When a group of animals needs treatment, drinking water medication is a responsible and convenient option provided the drinking water, the system and the products are of good quality. This video will explain best practices of using water medication. Water medication products should dissolve quickly and completely. Secondly, the solution has to be stable for at least 12 hours. And finally they should not contain lactose as this will promote growth of bacteria in the water. SoluStab products meet all of these criteria. To avoid under or overdosing, it is recommended that you calculate the right amount of product using the SoluStab calculator. It is easy to use: simply enter all the data required and it will show you exactly how much product should be used in how many liters of water. You can find the calculator at You should wear gloves to avoid skin contact and a face mask to prevent accidental inhalation of the water medication powder. When handling powders it is important to minimise the amount of dust. Therefore, you should use a sharp knife
or scissors to open the pack. You should not squeeze the pack. You should not try to tear the pack open. You should use a spoon instead of pouring the powder. Measuring powders by volume is inaccurate. Therefore, you should use a suitable weighing scale. In case of liquids put the cap back on, for powders reclose the pack using a bag clip. Packs should be stored in a dry and safe place, avoiding exposure to light or extreme temperatures. To prepare the stock solution take the amount of water according to the SoluStab calculator. Add the calculated amount of product. Stir until completely dissolved. Fill the stocksolution vessel. Set the dosing pump and switch to the separate line for medicated water. Flush the lines to get the medicated water to the animals as soon as possible. Flushing we’ll also remove any potential residues or biofilm. You can calculate how much water needs to be flushed or you can use a colouring agent. Record the details of the treatment, including start and endtime. During treatment it is important to check the water supply at least twice a day and closely monitor the health of the animals. Finally, flush the lines again to remove any potential residues. To summarise the best practices of using water medication are: Choose the right product. Use the SoluStab calculator. Handle the product according to the leaflet (bijsluiter). Prepare the stock solution accurately. Monitor the health of the animals during treatment. Flush the lines to clean the water system. To learn more about successful water medication visit SoluStab Water Medication Every drop perfectly balanced

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