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Spring, TX Family Medicine Physician Dr. Stephen Thomas

– Hi I’m Dr. Stephen Thomas. I’m a Family Medicine Physician here at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. I just love to see
patients who are dealing with a acute medical problem, and we can acutely get
that medical problem well and help them to diagnose what’s going on. But I also love the fact that when patients who’re dealing with a chronic, medical condition,
they’re going to help the patient to be able to
manage that condition, make some changes that are necessary in their life through lifestyle changes, taking medication, treatments, and seeing some victory in that area. (slow, light music) When I was a child, my grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and I saw the compassion of the physician that my grandfather was dealing with. And I really wanted to be able to impact the lives of people in that way. (slow, light music) I came to Houston and I actually, I knew some people who
were with Kelsey-Seybold. They told me the experiences they had here and really let me know
that this is a place where we could actually
work collaboratively with multiple specialists
with multiple backgrounds, and they would be able to coordinate care in a place where we could
work together as a team to take care of patients
in multiple phases of life. My passion of taking care of patients really fit well with family medicine. (slow, light music) It’s really to actually have the patient understand initially that lifestyle is a big component of what is going on in a lot of chronic conditions, and
even some acute conditions. So I think my overall desire for patients and my philosophy for
patients is preventive care, and how I could prevent disease before it becomes something that
is actually out of control. (slow, light music)

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