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Surgery Addict Injects Risky ‘Eternal Youth’ Bacteria | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

MANOUSH: Ageing is like a disease, I view it as kind of a disease. MANOUSH: I’m Manoush and I’m a film actress.
Well my age, every part of me is a different age but the majority of me is over 40. MANOUSH: I think even as a teenager, I could never accept the concept of getting older one day. I always had that in my head; I never wanted to get older. COMM: Manoush has spent the majority of her life doing all she can to fight against ageing. MANOUSH: So, I had my breasts done, all in all six-times. I have my lips done quite obviously, upper-eyelids done. I got my face filled,
my cheeks filled, what else? You know what, I even lost count of all the things that I
have done to myself. All in all it’s like 40 plastic surgeries. I had another procedure that went wrong with my lower eyelid; you see its taped-up now. That needs some reconstructive surgery. I will never stop doing plastic surgery. All in all, on all operations and procedures
50,000. I mean in Pounds it would have been like 44,000-45,000. In euro or in dollars
it should be between 50,000 and 60,000. COMM: Thousands spent on cosmetic surgeries is one thing, but Manoush isn’t finished
there. Willing to try anything, she has reached out to a scientist who believes he may have
found the secret to eternal youth. MANOUSH: I’m really, really fascinated and interested in all things anti-ageing. So,
I read about Dr. Brouchkov in the media several times. He is a doctor at the university in
Moscow and he discovered three and a half million years old immortal bacteria in the
permafrost of Siberia. COMM: The immortal Siberian bacteria in question is called Bacillus F, and Anatoli Brouchkov
believes it could be used to slow or even halt the process of human ageing. DR. ANATOLI BROUCHKOV: So, it looks like some of the micro-organisms, they have some amazing mechanism of survival – which keeps them alive for millions and millions of years. Just imagine what if they have that, and what if we can use it. You see, we can prolong our life for thousands of years. You see the local people who live in the far north in that area, they actually consume the bacteria with the water because permafrost melts and then those microorganisms go into the water. Believe or not, but that area is famous for people who live longer in Siberia. MANOUSH: Dr. Brouchkov is taking this bacteria for years now. He has a fabulous skin like a young man. So, finally I decided to contact him. DR. ANATOLI BROUCHKOV: So, we have something alive on earth which lives millions of years, in our own hands. We shouldn’t miss this opportunity, that’s my strong belief. MANOUSH: He is doing me a big favour; he is doing science a favour. I’m happy to be able to be part of this. MANOUSH: So, here we go. That’s what it
is, that’s what he gave me. IVAN HRUSKA: It is what it is.
MANOUSH: That bacteria looks absolutely unspectacular. MANOUSH: My family is absolutely against it. They are going up and down the walls against it. My mother and my brothers didn’t even agree to go on camera. COMM: Receiving injections of a mysterious ancient bacteria brings unknown risks. Manoush’s friends are supportive but concerned. IVAN HRUSKA: Well, I know Manoush has done a lot of plastic surgery and a lot of different things. This is like a totally new level because we really have absolutely no idea at all what is going to happen. It’s like; it could
be like even some alien virus or something for all I know. I would never do something
like that ever but I’m not, don’t want to stop anyone from trying something like
that out either. SANDRINA BEIKE: I would definitely do it too. INTERVIEWER: You would do it? SANDRINA BEIKE: Yeah, I would do it. I will try it. MANOUSH: So, what we are doing now is we go into Dr. Patric John’s house. Patric is
a friend of mine. He is a doctor and he will be with me today when I start my experiment with a Russian bacteria. I’m feeling absolutely fine. I’m absolutely excited. I feel like
a child on Christmas morning. MANOUSH: I’m going to inject, I think, two millilitres in total and repeat it every month until it’s gone. Look at that needle. Oh boy! DR. PATRIC JOHN: What could go wrong? So, first of all, every injection poses the risk of infection; local infection or even general infection. Now, we are talking about bacteria. Bacteria can always cause a reaction of the immune system of course. That could be an allergic reaction, that could be even like
the most extreme reaction would be a toxic shock, which could pose a life-threatening
condition. So, I’m concerned and I really want to watch what’s happening here. COMM: Anatoli Brouchkov has tested an extract of the bacteria on mice and taken it himself – though he says as a food supplement. So, Manoush’s decision to inject is a new possibly riskier stage of the experiment. DR. ANATOLI BROUCHKOV: I didn’t recommend her any injections and I told her it was no injection, it was just consuming the extract of that bacteria. Well, what I can say is she is a very brave lady. DR. PATRIC JOHN: If there is no risk-takers, there is no progress and on the other side I know the risk that, I know what can happen but that’s life. It’s her decision. I mean she is a big girl. COMM: Patric will closely monitor Manoush’s progress, but legally he isn’t allowed to administer the bacteria. So, Manoush will
be giving herself the injections. MANOUSH: it’s right, right? So here we go… DR. PATRIC JOHN: Stop, stop, stop. Some disinfection first. MANOUSH: Oh okay.
DR. PATRIC JOHN: Easy, easy… MANOUSH: Okay.
DR. PATRIC JOHN: Easy. All the way in. MANOUSH: All the way in?
DR. PATRIC JOHN: Yup and slow. Slowly. MANOUSH: Slowly? Good! I’m really, really excited. I’m really happy, I’m really excited. We’ll see what’s going to happen. MANOUSH: I will keep injecting: one to two millilitres, each month until the bottle is empty which should be about 12-24 months. MANOUSH: It’s much too soon, it’s much
too early to say anything. What I can tell, I’m really well, I’m physically well,
I’m mentally well, I don’t regret a little bit. I don’t regret even a bit that I did
it. I would do it again and next month I will do it again. MANOUSH: First things first, I never had any adverse reactions, I never had any negative reactions; no infections. I never reacted
badly in any way to the bacteria. But I have more stamina, I can work out longer, I sleep better, but you know what, we have to find out if this is really an effect from the bacteria or if it’s a psychological effect. So, we will wait and see and I’ll take a video
next month. Thank you. Bye!


  1. Succubus Boyd
    Succubus Boyd November 15, 2019

    I understand this completely and I sympathize with her because it’s my worse fear but the surgery she’s had makes her look 80 and I’m not exaggerating she looks older than my mom that’s /64

  2. Michelle Abreu
    Michelle Abreu November 16, 2019

    It’s all fun and games until she ends up dead on the operating table

  3. Gen Laylor -Onyebueke
    Gen Laylor -Onyebueke November 16, 2019

    Lady you are wasting your money smh !! You look sooooo old !! She probably would look better if she would just leave herself alone smh !

  4. Amara Jenson
    Amara Jenson November 16, 2019

    Younger ? She looks so old!! I think she needs a new plastic surgeon

  5. Angie Vano
    Angie Vano November 17, 2019

    she looks AWEFUL!!!!!

  6. Shannon Jackson
    Shannon Jackson November 18, 2019

    Put all that money towards therapy. All that surgery makes her look older.

  7. Lifee With Lexx
    Lifee With Lexx November 19, 2019

    I need an update

  8. Jodi Donaldson
    Jodi Donaldson November 20, 2019

    Over 40? Closer to well over 60.

  9. Doc Lewis
    Doc Lewis November 21, 2019

    Yeah..they're frozen. They're coming from glaciers and permafrost.

  10. Doc Lewis
    Doc Lewis November 21, 2019

    When zombies start, we'll know who patient zero is.

  11. mapiti lebitsa
    mapiti lebitsa November 22, 2019

    This is all so disgusting. The skin bleaching, plastic surgery, botox injections and all. We are perfect the way we are.

  12. Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober November 23, 2019

    if you cross your eyes and then close them she kinda looks like lana del rey

  13. Audrey M
    Audrey M November 23, 2019

    Aaaand she looks older ^^

  14. Sarah Louise
    Sarah Louise November 23, 2019

    All I thought watching this is I can't believe I'm only 8 years younger. I think following an ultra healthy lifestyle would suit her better maybe, the guys at the healthy life channel look amazing for being in their 50s.

  15. burnt boba
    burnt boba November 25, 2019

    I thought this was a asmr video by looking at the thumbnail omg

  16. itachi uchihas wife
    itachi uchihas wife November 26, 2019

    orochimaru is quaking lmao

  17. CapriTV
    CapriTV November 26, 2019

    Girl, you look 60.

  18. TheKittyQueen
    TheKittyQueen November 26, 2019

    whatever you say mother gothel

    CALI GIRL November 27, 2019

    I wonder if Jennifer Aniston uses this bacteria lmao 🤔

  20. Aeon
    Aeon November 28, 2019

    This obsessed crazy bish… at that rate I wouldn't be surprised if she starts kidnapping underaged virgin girls so she can bathe and drink their blood.

  21. wildfire smoke
    wildfire smoke November 29, 2019

    U should've accepted it drink alot of water eat healthy exercise n most importantly be happy that might've helped than what u did to yourseld

  22. love mystic
    love mystic December 1, 2019

    Someone has made a real fool out of matter how much she do injections her looks aren't changing

  23. Xo Kelly
    Xo Kelly December 2, 2019

    Still looking old though

  24. Melissa Jussila
    Melissa Jussila December 2, 2019

    Im not afraid of getting older and looking older but i am very afraid that i wont get over it when i do. Its sad how the world makes us think like this. I dont want to

  25. Marqus Williams
    Marqus Williams December 3, 2019

    She believes she found eternal youth from a doctor who looks about 77 years old 🤦🏿‍♂️ this lady has no common sense

  26. Soksy
    Soksy December 4, 2019

    her face is crooked she has tear drop syndrome underneath her eye ,from badly done filler.. lips are horrible ,and skin overall looks bad

  27. Jay Hearse
    Jay Hearse December 4, 2019

    We get old deal with it

  28. Hey its CHINK
    Hey its CHINK December 6, 2019

    So this isn’t “eternal youth” it’s just “eternal life” meaning you’ll still get older lol it’s just you’ll get older for longer

  29. Ryker Galagun
    Ryker Galagun December 6, 2019

    Her nose looks like melted wax.

  30. Esther Sibanda
    Esther Sibanda December 6, 2019

    The harder you fight age the more likely you are to age faster 😬 if she just went with the flow and just looked after herself she'd look so much younger

    DXXP SOUL December 6, 2019

    It’s not working

  32. Lauren Nichole
    Lauren Nichole December 6, 2019

    I don’t know why she thinks it is safe and will work when injected into her body if the discoverers whole reasoning for saying it makes you younger is from the people in Siberia who consume it orally. She’s going to get septic or something awful.

  33. Eva Foxxx
    Eva Foxxx December 7, 2019

    This whole video was sooooo cringey 😬

  34. Kelci cells
    Kelci cells December 7, 2019

    Regular exercise and healthy diet would've given better results than surgery

  35. celeste sandoval
    celeste sandoval December 8, 2019

    If she just got a simple face lift she would feel great. Not injecting so much an it will sag :/

  36. Moon Luna
    Moon Luna December 9, 2019

    She looks about 65, so I hope for this lady she isn't close to this age.. She probably looks older than she is..

  37. Chiara K
    Chiara K December 9, 2019

    I will never understand when I see women getting plastic surgery or anything to change their face other than makeup

  38. mealy chhun
    mealy chhun December 10, 2019

    She look like 60 years old woman or older 🤦🏼‍♀️

  39. Laura Jones
    Laura Jones December 10, 2019

    What is under her eye

  40. LoveRemains x
    LoveRemains x December 10, 2019

    Sad, I think she probably would have been younger looking if she didn’t do any of the plastic surgeries.

  41. Baby Goose
    Baby Goose December 10, 2019

    Can we say placebo effect? That’s exactly what that is lol.

  42. Sofistica
    Sofistica December 11, 2019

    All that money spent but couldn’t fix your teeth? That would help you look a little younger as well…. but overall you can’t fight aging forever. that’s just life lol

  43. The Violin Queen
    The Violin Queen December 12, 2019

    The way she just stabs the needles into herself I have a phobia of needles I fainted and was screaming when I got 3 shots the other day

  44. Pink and Blue
    Pink and Blue December 12, 2019

    Aging is a part of our life.accept it

  45. Luminal 47
    Luminal 47 December 13, 2019

    She looks like a walking corpse

  46. Ice Queen
    Ice Queen December 13, 2019

    Manoush…your hair is CLEARLY white/grey under that dye….mine is too. There a grizzleness that you can't disguise. Not to mention that you don't seem to understand that growing old gracefully is much more attractive! It's how young you FEEL not how young you LOOK.

  47. Show Time
    Show Time December 13, 2019

    My mom is 44 but she only looks likes 30 , just like a sister. No one believes that she is my mother. She does no surgeries or Botox

  48. Laura o' Neill
    Laura o' Neill December 15, 2019

    She looks terrible 😶

  49. Andy Enri
    Andy Enri December 16, 2019

    Come as you are.

  50. benjamin bellotti
    benjamin bellotti December 17, 2019

    shes had over 40 procedures and shes only spent 50-60k no wonder she looks 20 years older than she should. if shes worried about wrinkles and looking youthful then skincare is where its at. facelifts can only do so much lol. take care of your skin and it will take care of you.

  51. Cuty Candy
    Cuty Candy December 18, 2019

    I red sugar addict

  52. Amani Windon
    Amani Windon December 19, 2019

    I feel like nothing will happen honestly

  53. Amani Windon
    Amani Windon December 19, 2019

    Bacteria doesn’t alter our DNA which is what plays a factor in aging I cannot see how the bacteria will do anything honestly

  54. M C
    M C December 19, 2019

    Sounds like Vwars on Netflix…vampirism

  55. LL Guerra
    LL Guerra December 21, 2019

    There was no follow up? Is she still alive?

  56. Mahasty Miranda
    Mahasty Miranda December 21, 2019

    She’s crazy! But okay

  57. Linda
    Linda December 22, 2019

    I feel sorry for women who obsessing so much about aging.. I mean sure, I gonna feel a bit anxiety about turning 30, but my boss told me a thing that made me think different of aging. She see it as a privilage to turn old, because if you think about it not everyone gets to do that and being old also means that you gets to live a long life.. Its crazy because my soon to be 63 old mum looks way younger than this lady, but I think whats helping my mum is that she has a very positive and bubbly personality + her eyes are very full of energy, so that make her look very youthful despite her age.

  58. Natasha Raisor
    Natasha Raisor December 24, 2019

    Where’s the update

  59. Jannette Dangel
    Jannette Dangel December 24, 2019

    Auf dem weg unsere eigenen zombies zu züchten und bei allem respekt diese frau sieht uralt aus und hat bereits eher das aussehen eines monsters als eines menschen….es tut mir sehr leid das so schreiben zu müssen aber es ist meine ehrlich meinung und so etwas zu sehen macht mir angst….

  60. Alessia Gentile
    Alessia Gentile December 24, 2019

    If you eat the Mediterranean and Pescatarian diets you can't go wrong with helping you keep you young. But it also depends on what genes you have.

  61. Sick Samuel
    Sick Samuel December 25, 2019

    At the beginning 1 or 2 second into it – she looks like the bat rider in the never ending story

  62. Sylvia Campbell
    Sylvia Campbell December 25, 2019

    Fighting against aging is always going to be a losing battle, you have your day and that is it. Spend your precious time experiencing life and all its marvels external to your obsession before it is too late. There is no dignity lying in your casket as a plastic corpse and a wasted life.

  63. Chuti Wei
    Chuti Wei December 26, 2019

    All in all …

  64. TERRI F.
    TERRI F. December 27, 2019

    That's one gift God gave to black women..ageless. I feel bad for this lady. White women can appear ageless too, if they are willing to take care of their selves, but I don't think this way is good for anybody.

  65. lila
    lila December 28, 2019

    When you do all this you will age even faster this is bad for your body

  66. hetty hrvthv
    hetty hrvthv December 30, 2019

    when someone old tells you how to become young again LOL smh funny when shes ays im mentally well LOL

  67. Princesa Pauline
    Princesa Pauline December 30, 2019

    The doctor is old himself,,unless he is 130 I cant bring myself to believing him

  68. Avellania
    Avellania December 30, 2019

    She is currently (30/12/2019) 44 years old. So when this was filmed she was 41/42.

  69. Lindsay Tucker
    Lindsay Tucker December 31, 2019

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  70. Tasha S
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  71. Jenny Scranton
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    mzurilove beauty & fragrances January 4, 2020

    I am in my 40s. You have to be kind to others, kind to nature, less selfish, more charitable, eat well and moderately and use good skin care.
    This lady has used the wrong methods… which is sad

    Use natural moisturisers and relaxation and positivity and being in touch with your inner child keeps you youthful inside and out!

  77. Harlow Blackadder
    Harlow Blackadder January 4, 2020

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  78. Brandon O'Neill
    Brandon O'Neill January 5, 2020

    Well you waited to late in my opinion. If whatever she takes did work she would be 60 something forever no better no worse. A body is like a car, you don't put more money into something than it's actually worth….

  79. The Gargoyle
    The Gargoyle January 5, 2020

    It's funny how all those obsessed with youth always find a way to look way older than they are.

  80. Ai Taoshi
    Ai Taoshi January 6, 2020

    Uhm there will be time they won't be able to stich her up as the skin getting thinner with age.

  81. Jash villadares
    Jash villadares January 7, 2020

    If you wanna grow old then die young idk

  82. Berry Chan
    Berry Chan January 7, 2020

    Shes 45, But looks much older. Thats actually sad

    PROVING HAUNTINGS January 7, 2020


  84. rosepetal34
    rosepetal34 January 7, 2020

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  85. Ananya
    Ananya January 7, 2020

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  87. Leaping Lynx
    Leaping Lynx January 8, 2020

    Ok, someone here in the comments said that they looked her up and it says she really is 42. I find that hard to believe, but if it's indeed true, I think her constant focus on the fear of aging actually aged her more. Mind over matter — energy flows where attention goes.

  88. AL W
    AL W January 8, 2020

    Bruh, this is a mental order

  89. Heather Overvold
    Heather Overvold January 8, 2020

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  90. bād bøy
    bād bøy January 9, 2020

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  91. msxmargo
    msxmargo January 10, 2020


  92. Naturalbeauti78
    Naturalbeauti78 January 10, 2020

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  93. TerminallyPerky
    TerminallyPerky January 10, 2020

    People want to fix their bodies but leave their brains sick. Therapy.
    But to each their own! Go for it, lady!

  94. Andrea Reynoso
    Andrea Reynoso January 11, 2020

    Using sunscreen is the answer

  95. Constellation Elios
    Constellation Elios January 11, 2020

    Ageing is inevitable, you can’t stop it. She should’ve just practice healthy lifestyle, good skincare routine, better make up preference instead of injecting herself bacteria or going under the knife🤦🏻‍♀️

  96. Hiroka Tsunoda
    Hiroka Tsunoda January 13, 2020

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  97. kevin murphy
    kevin murphy January 13, 2020

    It's so ironic, she's had all this plastic surgery to look younger but has ended up looking 20 years older! And that's being generous! I bet she would be better looking if hadn't gotten all that surgery done in the first place. Live a healthy lifestyle, diet , exercise, restful sleep, little stress can do wonders. Just a thought 🤷🏻‍♂️

  98. IceStyle
    IceStyle January 14, 2020

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  100. TheProtean Girl
    TheProtean Girl January 15, 2020

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