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2017 Physician of the Year – David Efron, M.D., The Johns Hopkins Hospital

(piano music) So what do I think are the characteristics of a great physician? I guess I would answer that question by stating what I would want in a physician taking care of me or one of my loved ones.…

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‘He earned his spurs from a doctor’: Gen James Mattis mocks Donald Trump

I do stand before you as was noted here really having achieved greatness. I mean I’m not just an overrated general, I am the greatest, the world’s most overrated. So I would just tell you too that I’m honored to…



Challenge accepted! The actor who played Joker, Joaquin Phoenix, said, “I didn’t want a psychiatrist to be able to identify the type of person he was.” Leaving now for the theater to watch the opening showing. I’ll be right back.…


Chelsea at the Doctor ! Toys and Dolls Learning Video for Kids with Playmobil Playground | SWTAD

Be careful Chelsea! Don’t let your kite get stuck in a tree. No, I’ll be very careful this time. I’m bored playing on this carousel, what else can I do? The swing is taken… Oh! I know! I’ll go on…

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Johns Hopkins Medicine International: 1998–2018

(upbeat music)>>Narrator: 20 years ago, Johns Hopkins Medicine established a global ambassador, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, to take its mission worldwide, to improve the health of the community and the world, by setting the standard of excellence in medical education,…


4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About – Episode 35

Wildfire cocktail, electronic tattoos, chill dinosaurs, and office polluters! It’s 4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About. These engineers have figured out a way to print electronics onto virtually any surface in a single step, at much lower temperatures.…

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