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Tag: cannabis

S. Korea to allow sales of imported medical cannabis for self-medication from March 12

starting next month South Korea will start approving imported medical cannabis for self medication bringing about a huge change to the country’s drug control laws are also young has more the Food and Drug Safety Administration says it will allow…


War On Drugs: What You NEED To Know About Mandatory Prison Sentences – Learn Liberty

Our current president admits to having smoked a fair amount of marijuana in his youth, and even using cocaine. But if you were caught with a certain amount of cocaine three times, you could be spending the rest of your…


Drug Lords Celebrate the Drug War at the UN! (Sub: EN, HU, SK, SP, RU, SL, SR, RO, BL, PL, PT)

My friends, I came here to celebrate … a very important day. It was 50 years of the drug prohibition. You made us rich, and I want to say to you Thank you to the United Nations to keep drugs…