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Meet Dr. John McConnell of of Inova VIP 360 – Concierge Medicine in Northern Virginia

I’m John McConnell and I’m a primary care internist at Inova VIP 360. Health care guidelines on how we screen for and treat disease are changing all the time, and it’s hard to make sense of what’s changed and why…

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Cynthia Walendziewicz, MD – North Shore Physicians Group – Marblehead, MA

My name is Cindy Walendziewicz. I am a family doctor working for North Shore Physicians Group in the Marblehead office. I went to medical school at UMass Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts and after that I did my residency in…

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Anne Jennings M.D. North Shore Physicians Group, Danvers Massachusetts

I’m initially from Wisconsin. I went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison and then moved out to Boston for medical school, went to Tufts University School of Medicine. I practiced for many many years on the North Shore, providing…

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Laura Simpson, MD – North Shore Physicians Group – Marblehead, MA

My name is Laura Simpson, and I am a family medicine physician at North Shore Medical Center. I came from Virginia; I did my school down in Virginia and my training in North Carolina. I did work in multiple areas…

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Meet Kyle Lieppman, MD, Pediatric Critical Care | Ascension Texas

My name’s Kyle Lieppman I’m a pediatric intensivist I think taking care of the the sickest of the sick you know children who have really significant medical problems or it’s just a it’s usually the most stressful time of parents’,…

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Rebecca Lee, MD – North Shore Physicians Group – Danvers, MA

My name is Rebecca Lee. I work for North Shore Physicians Group in the North Street, Danvers location. I went to Dartmouth College undergraduate, University of Massachusetts Medical School and completed my residency at Leahy Clinic where I did an…

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