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Glendale Drug Rehab Center | Corebella Health & Wellness

Corebella Health & Wellness is a drug rehab center in Glendale that is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and caring addiction counseling and treatment. We are a leading health care provider with highly trained and board certified…

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Bioptron/Zepter Fullerene Glasses Aesthetic Medicine Congress – Eskulap Beauty News

Hello Michał from Eskulap Beauty News we are at the 22nd congress of aesthetic medicine with Ms. Ewa Raszyńska, we already have one device at our clinic which is very popular among our patients. Ewa, please tell me what this…

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Pasadena, Texas Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Adriana Gonzalez

I’m Dr. Gonzales, I’m an internist at Kelsey-Seybold. I’ve always been interested in medicine, it’s just a good combination of life science and being able to take care of people, and helping them also learn how to take care of…

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The 3 Largest Expenses Doctors, Physicians and Surgeons Can Deduct from a Professional Corporation

(upbeat music) – Two of the most common mistakes I see many doctors make is either not deducting enough business expenses on their tax returns or deducting too many expenses and thus exposing themselves to the risks of a CRA…

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Automated Planning for Physician’ Schedules | Petal Scheduling

Automated scheduling of physicians is a feature that allows you to create and generate a complete schedule automatically based on : physician absences, ensuring the optimal coverage for on-call shifts, sub specialties fairness and the shifts distribution plus many other…

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