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What is hypertension? | Circulatory system diseases | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

Let’s talk about hypertension. And I’ll write that here, hypertension. And hypertension basically means high blood pressure. And we actually categorize it in different groups. So let’s use my blood pressure, 115 over 75 as an example. And I had…


Our “Food As Medicine” course makes Class Central’s list of Top 100 online courses of all time

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone. I’m Mel. HELEN TRUBY: And I’m Helen. MELISSA ADAMSKI: And we’re from the suite of ‘Food as Medicine’ courses from Monash University in Australia. HELEN TRUBY: And we’re super excited, because “Food as Medicine” has made…

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Feedback with Melissa and Christie – Week 2 – Mar 2019 – Food as Medicine

CHRISTIE BENNETT: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Week 2 of “Food is Medicine.” We’re in our weekly feedback video today. My name’s Christie, and I’m one of the course mentors. And I have with me– MELISSA ADAMSKI: Mel, your other course…

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Know Your Numbers: Dr. Keith Miller’s Health Screening

Good morning. I’m Dr. Keith Miller. I’m here at Bryan Hospital early in the morning. It’s about 6 o’clock, and we’re here to do our biometric screening. Basically, it’s a pretty straightforward thing. It doesn’t take very long. They measure…

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ICE Student Stories: Nathan Wood Pursues the Intersection of Food and Medicine

Going to culinary school is something I’ve always wanted to do. This has been a dream for you know maybe a decade or more and then I went to medical school another big passion of mine and, and said you…