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Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie Introduce Extremis | Doctor Who: Series 10

Episode Six is written by the wonderful Steven Moffat. It’s a very exciting story. The Veritas contains a secret. It’s mysterious, it’s quite a cerebral episode actually. In darkness we are revealed. This is one of the strangest Doctor Who…


Rachel Denning and Jamie Hill | The Aftershow | Doctor Who: The Fan Show

This is a spoiler warning, if you’ve not yet seen The Pyramid at the End of the world – well it probably means the world isn’t being invaded creepy space monks – but, anyway, go and watch it then come…


“It Speaks Emoji!” | Smile Preview | Doctor Who: Series 10 | BBC

That is a robot! That is not a disappointing robot! Technically, this isn’t a robot at all. The tiny little things, those are the robots. This is the interface with them. Does it speak? Will we understand it? Well, it…


UFO – Doctor Doctor (2007 Remaster). Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino

Doctor, doctor, please Oh, the mess I’m in Doctor, doctor, please Oh, the mess I’m in She walked up to me And really stole my heart And then she started To take my body apart Livin’, lovin’ I’m on the…

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