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Greyhound Racing In Punjab | 101 Heartland With Doctor VC | Unique Stories From India

Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app and never miss out on unique stories from 101India Put more chalk on the line! This is a passion for Punjabis It’s in their blood These dogs are born to run India…


Therapy Dogs Bring Joy to Cincinnati Children’s Patients

“The Pet Therapy Program, it’s a really cool program where” certified dogs come in and they go through the volunteer program.” “We bring them around to specific patients, and the” “patients, and the families, and the staff all really enjoy…


If I still see fleas on my dog, does that mean my flea treatment isn’t working?

If you still see fleas on your dog after starting a monthly flea treatment program, it doesn’t necessarily mean the treatment isn’t working. Your dog can continue to be exposed to the fleas encountered outside, from other dogs and animals…

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