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Tag: first aid

First Aid for Insect Bites : How to Treat a Hornet Sting on Someone Who is Allergic

You know, few insect stings can cause as much pain and fear, as that of a person, who’s suffering an allergic reaction, to the common bee, wasp, or hornet sting. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and I’m going to talk…


If your Baby has a Foreign Object in the Nose or Ear – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

Babies and toddlers can push objects into their ears or nose quite often and sometimes insects may fly or crawl into their ear. If they have an object lodged in their ear or nose, do not try to remove it…

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First Aid for Fireworks injuries and staying safe around fireworks

– Hello, I’m Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life and It’s fireworks time. When autumn hits, we start getting into Halloween, fireworks, Bonfire Night, Diwali, building up to New Year’s Eve. Fireworks start landing in the shops, and…

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