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James Middleton Brought the ‘Best Date’ to the GQ Awards — His Therapy Dog, Ella!

Image zoom  James Middleton is rarely seen without his crew of furry companions — and the red carpet is no exception  The younger brother of Kate Middleton attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London on Tuesday, bringing…

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Can you treat depression with brain stimulation? YES, here’s how it works. – Flow

You have found a safe and effective treatment for depression! Over the last 10 years, numerous scientific studies have shown that brain stimulation is an effective method for treating depression. So, how does it work? The headset delivers gentle electrical…

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Medicines to Stockpile for Emergencies Top OTC Medicines For Prepping Preppers

medicines to stockpile for emergencies top emergency medical supplies OTC medicines for prepper stockpile first aid and medicines for emergency survival situations cold flu season are you prepared hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you worrying about your medical preps prepping for…