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Tag: Health Care (Issue)

STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup

– We’ve talked about vaping before on this channel. But with this many people getting sick, I think it’s time to take another deep dive. Bewhoop! (hypnotic hiphop music) What’s going on right now with the vaping situation is just…


Physician Contracting 101: Compensation & Bonus Provisions, by Paul Drey

Greetings, and welcome back to Part 3 of our six-part series, Physician Contracting 101. Today in Part 3 we will look closely at Compensation and Bonus Provisions. These provisions are incredibly important in your contract. In my practice in dealing…

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Improving Medication Management through Quality Measures

I’m Laura Cranston, the Executive Director of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance. Pharmacy Quality Alliance is an organization that improves the quality of medication management by developing performance-based measures. Independent pharmacists should learn as much as they possibly can over the…

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Pharmacists’ Role as Medication Experts: Improve Care

I’m Sam Stolpe, Associate Director of Quality Initiatives with the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) I’m responsible for a lot of the research and demonstration projects PQA is involved with to demonstrate the effect our measures can have on the marketplace.…

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