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Tag: Health Care

Health and Well-being Happens Outside of the Doctor’s Office

Humana – sponsored and POLITICO organized an event to take a deep-dive into primary care. Health doesn’t happen when the patient is in the doctor’s office. Health happens the 364 days outside of the doctor’s office. If they’re socially isolated,…

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Health First on Spectrum News 13 – Matt Duffy – Keeping health habits on track.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, many New Year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss, right? Especially after the chaos the holiday can bring and all that extra food you find lying around you just want to nibble on. But today, we go in-depth…

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Health First on Spectrum News 13 – 1/15/2020 – Healthy Eating

In Brevard County, healthy eating options for young ones are on the menu today in a hands-on cooking demonstration. Are bananas unimportant in what they have in them? No. Yummy and nutritious snacks were being served up here at the…

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Bernie Sanders Discusses Fight for Health Care Justice With Ady Barkan | Uncovered | NowThis

All I do know is that once you rally the American people to stand up and fight back against corporate greed I believe we can do a lot more than people think we can do. Hey. Hello, hello. How are…


The Medical Interoperability Reference Architecture Research Collaboration

In recent military conflicts air superiority and relatively few casualties allowed medical treatment and evacuation within 60 minutes the so-called golden hour. Today joint military planners cannot rely on these assumptions in future military conflicts and in civilian disaster events…

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