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Tag: Health (Industry)

Home Remedies for Hydrocele II जलवृषण का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Satya Bharta Mohanty. He had e-mailed us and wrote us that he is having problem of Hydrocele and asking for the home remedy for this. Mr, Satyabharta first of…


Preventing an HIV infection | Infectious diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

– So let’s talk about the ways to minimize your risk of getting an HIV infection. And, you know, probably the best way to do this is to identify the high risk situations and talk about steps we can take…


Transmission of HIV | Infectious diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] So we know a little bit about HIV now. It’s a virus that attacks your immune system, and if untreated, it will cause a state of immune failure, immune deficiency in a person, and that immune deficiency state…


Mucopolysaccharide Storage Disease Type I: Hurler, Hurler-Scheie, and Scheie syndromes

Mucopolysaccharidosis type I, or MPS I, is a rare genetic metabolic disorder caused by deficiency of a lysosomal enzyme required to break down mucopolysaccharides. The disorder presents as a spectrum ranging from severe forms, classically known as Hurler syndrome, which…