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Tag: healthcare

SkinVision Review: A Smartphone Dermatologist At Your Service – The Medical Futurist

If you follow the channel, you know that I’ve done a full genome sequencing last year, and as it turns out, I have an increased risk for melanoma. So it made sense to try SkinVision, an easy to use, melanoma…


Introduction to the Public Health Preparedness Capabilities (101)

One of the nation’s key preparedness challenges has been determining appropriate state and local public health preparedness priorities. To assist state and local public health departments in their strategic planning, CDC developed 15 capabilities to serve as national public health…

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Medical Billing & Electronic Health Records Workflow Management

(energetic music) – Workflow management, visualized. Health care. Ideally, here’s how a typical billing process would work at your average doctor’s office. The doctor here provides a medical service to a patient, the doctor sends off the necessary paperwork to…

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