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Tag: hospice

Physician’s Regional Medical Center, Naples VITAS Inpatient Hospice Unit Tour

Welcome to your VITAS inpatient hospice unit. A quiet, comfortable space when someone needs care beyond what can be provided at home. Visitors are welcome at any time. A home away from home. Call us to learn more or schedule…

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OneConnectPoint™ Hospice Medication Management App

Our mission is the same as yours: provide compassionate, high-quality care to each and every hospice patient. But decreasing reimbursement, rising labor costs, and stricter regulatory oversight pressure hospices to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising patient care. Better…

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Atul Gawande: “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End” | Talks at Google

[MUSIC PLAYING] TOM SMITH: OK, I’m thrilled to welcome Atul Gawande to Google during the week that marks a paperback publication of his number one New York Times best seller, “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End.” Dr.…


Near-Term Human Extinction Hospice Conversation (with Kevin Hester)

New Zealand for the next episode of the near term human extinction hospice conversation thanks so much Kevin for joining me in this new endeavor really appreciate it and even following along a bit have you and seeing some of…