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Tag: medicine

What is pneumonia? | Respiratory system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Voiceover: When you hear the term pneumonia, I think that most of us think about lung infection, but not much else besides that. Pneumonia really is a little bit more than just a lung infection, really in relation to where…


What’s The Deal With Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare? / Episode 8 – The Medical Futurist

hi this is dr. Bertalan Mesko the medical futurist and in today’s video I want to tackle the most important topic when it comes to the future of Medicine artificial intelligence I guarantee you that after the next ten or…


HoloAnatomy app helps medical students learn anatomy

When I was interviewing for medical school, I learned that Case Western Reserve was introducing a new progressive program using the Microsoft HoloLens to teach anatomy. That definitely factored into my decision-making. We’ve developed a digital representation of both the…

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Medicine | Life as a medical student at Norwich Medical School, UEA | Josh

Hi my name is Josh I’m a fourth year medical student at UEA. So I think it’s UEA’s friendly approach, the year groups not that big it’s about 160 / 170 people. And by the end of the 5 years…

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