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Tag: mental health

What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton treatment scared school

Hey everybody! Today’s video is about Social Anxiety Disorder. What is it? And how do we overcome it? So stay tuned. So like I said in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you about Social Anxiety Many of you reached…


Australian of the Year: Zibeon Fielding,fundraiser for indigenous health #AOTY2020 #ausoftheyear

You can’t just wake up and say ‘I wanna to run a marathon’. Well, wake up and say ‘I’m gonna run a marathon’. There’s a lot of training and commitment and dedication it takes to run a marathon. I guess…

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DoD-PHS Partnership for Psychological Health – Brooke Army Medical Center

bjbjz Corps_BAMC_MOA_Cut03 [music plays] Rick Schobitz: The Department of Defense is facing a deficit in mental health providers, and finding providers who are prepared to move around the country at the needs of the military, who are prepared to work…

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