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Tag: mental health

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Reaction by Mental Health Doctor | Lessons for Adults (SPOILERS)

– Forgiveness, reframing, and kindness. These are three lessons that “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” the Mr. Rogers movie, so clearly depicted. As adults, I believe these are excellent functional and behavioral ways of improving our mental health. Number…


5 Easy Tips to Beat Anxiety! Mental Health Help with Kati Morton treatment therapy recovery college

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to talk with you about five tips to beat anxiety. So stay tuned. So like I said. Today I want to talk with you about five helpful tips to beat anxiety. I’ve heard from so…


Mariel Hemingway Breaks Free Of A Family Legacy & Lifelong Eating Disorder

– There were some days when I would look in the mirror and cry at the fact that I thought about food. More than I thought about my children, I thought about food more than I thought about anything. –…