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Tag: politics

Another Study Proves Medicare For All Will REDUCE Healthcare Costs & Save Money

Another new study this time published in the PLOS medicine journal has once again proved that Medicare For All will not only reduce healthcare costs, but will also end up saving us money, sometimes within the first year. Now it…


Bernie Sanders Discusses Fight for Health Care Justice With Ady Barkan | Uncovered | NowThis

All I do know is that once you rally the American people to stand up and fight back against corporate greed I believe we can do a lot more than people think we can do. Hey. Hello, hello. How are…


The opioid crisis: Part 1 — The roots of addiction | FACES OF POLICY

Jay Armstrong: I took all the pills that I had… I took ’em all. Jay Armstrong: Hi, my name is Jay Armstrong. Matt Peterson: My name is Matt Peterson Justin Ponton: Justin Ponton. Kelvin Young: My name is Kelvin Young.…