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Tag: puppies

Sit, Stay, Heal: Therapy dogs really do help university students

Therapy dog sessions are becoming increasingly popular on college campuses and university campuses all over the place and we were really curious what measurable benefits they might actually have on students’ stress and well-being and mood levels. So we took…

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DANGEROUS OR GOOD PET ??? Pitbull Dogs Take Care of Baby as Nanny

[Laughter] again I just feel alive your execution [Applause] [Laughter] be nice is that your puppy Onix boo-ki goes through the baby is your baby okay oh boy [Laughter] [Applause] you Oh blood McCoy hello lady cut it she's just…

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Itsy Bitsy Spider, Finger Family Peekaboo, Baby Panda Healthy Habits, Nursery Rhymes by Little Angel

oh no how am I going to get up the spout again hey Yugi are you okay what's the matter I'm trying to climb up the water pipe but the rain keeps bringing me down let's try some different ways…