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Stan Efferding Seminar P.1 – The Importance of Sleep, Nutrition, & Steroids

guys ladies and gentlemen this is Stanley Ronal efforting one of the very very few individuals to squat over 800 pounds deadlift over 800 pounds in competition that is still very rare to do when you couple it in and…


Taking Care Of Babies – Roblox + Online Baby Games – Cookie Swirl C Let's Play

cookie swirl chocolate man who lets play some robots oh I do I do I do well let's just jump right in and see where we go are we gonna jump where we gonna jump let's jump off of the…


Top 10 Super Foods – Psychetruth Nutrition, Whole Food, Corrina

new videos every day in a recent video I outlined the differences between super foods and junk foods and I actually went into detail about why certain foods are considered super foods and other foods are considered junk foods so…


"Shakes Are For Fakes. Eat Steak" | Stan Efferding Talks Nutrition & Performance | Power Bites

and then now it seems I can't even claim to be in the ballpark of understanding that stuff where many many years or decades away from from having any usable information some people are having some benefit but it's in…