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Health & Swing Dancing – Vídeo 1 – Conceptes bàsics. (subt. CAST/ENG)

Do you wake up sore the morning after a social dance and do you want to avoid this discomfort? Have you ever wondered if it is necessary, for social dancers of lindy, balboa, shag or any other style to do…

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Dr. David Hammond reveals important health considerations for heart patients who use marijuana

Dr. Andrew Pipe: Professor Hammond, we’re grateful that you’ve come to Ottawa to share your perspectives and expertise. Could you tell us what you think are the most important health challenges that will follow the legalization of marijuana? Dr. David…

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Is Penile Injection an Option for Erectile Dysfunction?

Penile injection is one option for erectile dysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer. Penile injections are for patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction. For the most part, we start treatment for erectile dysfunction with medicine such as Viagra, Cialis, and…


Queen Love and War (Selection: Battle of the Women) Episode 12 English / Indo / Chinese Sub Full

[ Queen: Love and War ] [ This program contains material (topic, language, violence) unsuitable for children under the age of 15 ] [ Episode 12 ] Why will you not tell me to believe you? At least beg me…