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‘This is a PR stunt’: medical student confronts Johnson during hospital visit

Basically, I just came out of clinic and I was told that Boris Johnson was coming and I was like, oh my goodness. As a normal person, you never get that opportunity to say something to someone like that, I…


Waterloo Pharmacy PhD student builds mathematical models to improve cancer drug dosing

I have good news and bad news the good news is that eight out of ten children diagnosed with cancer this year will survive if they receive treatment. The bad news is that the same medications that save us can…

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The Most Influential Medical Book of the 16th Century | Object of Intrigue | Atlas Obscura

– I never get tired of the reaction of people who say, “Oh, 1543, it’s amazing that this book was published in 1543, and that I can actually touch paper from the 16th century, and touch illustrations that were created…


‘Snowball’ of pharmacy closures within weeks, NI negotiator warns

Pharmacies are at risk of closing here at present. We are looking at that happening within a matter of weeks, certainly no more than a couple of months. I think that what pharmacies have been trying to do is to…

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Atherosclerosis | Circulatory System and Disease | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] We know that atherosclerosis is the main contributor to coronary artery disease, and in the coronary arteries, atherosclerosis will cause build-up of these fatty cholesterol-filled plaques, like so. You can see me drawing them in here, and they’re…