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Tag: the good doctor season 3

The Good Doctor 3×05 Sneak Peek “First Case, Second Base” (HD)

[ Clack ] [ Monitor beeps, ventilator whooshes ] I’m now at the upper end of the lesion. Hemoclips. [ Stutters, mumbles ] Tsk. Dr. Murphy. No. [ Suspenseful music plays ] [crying] No! What’s the matter? N-N-No! N-No! No!…


The Good Doctor 3×03 Sneak Peek “Claire” (HD) ft. Robert Sean Leonard

Quint: Ow! Morgan: Sir, we need to decapitate it. No, don’t. I’m begging you, don’t. Please. Alex: I can’t get an image. How did that — i-is that a swordfish? With that dorsal fin? It’s a marlin. I hooked him…