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Healthy Summer Drinks Stop Motion Compilation – 15 Refreshing Drinks!

(upbeat music) (cheerful guitar music) (boing-ing) (slurping) – [Alyssia] This 16-ounce lemonade has more sugar than this 16-ounce Coke. Lemonade is deceiving. It’s from lemons, so we think it’s a healthier option, but unfortunately that just isn’t always the case.…


Protective equipment high alpine touring: Bivy bag, first aid kit, etc. – Tutorial (3/18) | LAB ICE

Your emergency equipment is essential for any high alpine tour, along with your protective equipment and a few little extras. The number one emergency equipment item is obviously the first aid kit with appropriate contents. Then there is the bivi…

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ASMR | Annual Medical Exam (SeSo: latex gloves, writing, personal attention, closeup)

Hi. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is doctor Sophie. And, if I recall correctly, you are here for your annual check-up, correct? Amazing. Okay, so I’ll just start off by asking you just a few regular questions…