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TANA MONGEAU: Is This Storytime YouTuber a Prescription Drug Addict?

I take adderall all the time you guys
know so like I’ll take like a fourth of a 20 milligram felt like five milligrams
about it in my bag everywhere I go I always have a pill bottle filled with
adderall why does the bottle say that this is oxy code and there’s just
there’s not even oxycodone in there like the pain pills in there we’re like
hydrocodone do I get adderall dealer in LA and you happen to run across this hit
my business email like I’m not a Fed what is up everybody this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and
today we are going to be talking about a youtuber by the name of Tana Mongeau so you
might recognize her she has about 3 million subscribers ton of fans she goes
on tour she does story time videos and before I get this video started like
this is nothing against her or anything like she has her own style like good for
you Tana but this is a video because I am concerned I’m concerned about her
prescription drug use as you saw from that intro she’s somebody who enjoys her
prescription drugs and as somebody who has a mental health channel who is in
recovery from a prescription drug addition I feel it’s necessary to talk
about this and whether or not tennessee’s this video I hope some of
you out there can take some lessons from this and please share with people who
don’t understand how serious prescription drug addiction is now is
Tana Mongeau a prescription drug addict I don’t know but I do know from her videos
that she does abuse these medications and remember abuse turns into dependency
which then turns into addiction alright so some of the clips I took we’re from a
videos I’ll link it down below but somebody made a compilation of Tana
talking about drugs for about 2 minutes straight now real quick real quick if
any of you follow my channel you’ve watched some of the videos I’ve made in
the past I don’t really care about weed if you smoke weed like go for it like
yes we can become addictive but with the opioid epidemic and people dying from
alcoholism and stuff like weed is literally the last of my concerns ok
but this is more focused around tannaz use of drugs like adderall as well as
prescription opioids and there’s also a problem with san-x abuse so in some of
her clips you see her talking about her prescription drug use it sounds like her
primary drug of choice is at all she talks about a lot she jokes about it and
she has even made a video she made a comment that if you are somebody who
sells adderall like hit her up one of the dangers about adderall is adderall
it is an amphetamine so amphetamine is the specific drug class and I might
sound familiar because it’s not too far off from meth amphetamine okay so it is
an upper it is a stimulant this is a drug people use for ADHD but it can also
become highly addictive now one of the dangers behind adderall and I don’t know
how much Tanner drinks but a lot of people who die from alcohol poisoning
we’re on some type of stimulant the reason why people take adderall or use
cocaine when they’re drinking is because it lessens the effects of alcohol now
when you get drunk that is somewhat of your body saying like yo something’s
getting introduced into my system and then there comes the point where you
just pass out so you can’t drink any more drugs like adderall cocaine meth it
allows you to drink longer and not experience the effects of alcohol which
then can lead to alcohol poisoning because your body isn’t really giving
you the right signals of how much you’ve drank now prescription opioids I don’t
need to go too far into that I’ve done plenty of videos about my own
prescription opioid addiction these are pain medications and I’ve also discussed
how over 80% of hey one addicts or people who were abusing prescription
opioids first now one of the main concerns I have with Tana is xanax and
partially because of this video right here tonight I hope your high ends and
out right now please know all right so in that video there are a
few things that we can unpack from this okay so one of them is her being high on
xanax okay the other one is her friend and we’ll get to the friends in a second
now I want to make it very clear the reason why I have this concern and I’ve
made another video which I will link in the description above is that people
don’t talk about it but more people are dying from prescription drug overdoses
than heroin and cocaine combined okay prescription drugs are not a joke okay
people are dying left and right now one of my concerns with Tana is I
can see her falling to the same fate that little pump did not that long ago
little pump for those who don’t know he was in a rapper and he was 21 years old
and he died from a xanax overdose this is something they talked about in his
videos and his music and things like that
he died at 21 years old okay xanax is not something to mess around with this
is a tranquilizer it is a depressant there are so many
people who die from sandesh overdoses constantly constantly and it’s not being
talked about that’s part of the issue with what’s going on since we have so
many different problems with drug addiction is that the opioid crisis is
kind of this cloud over all the other issues that are going on but don’t get
it twisted people are dying from xanax overdoses by the masses okay and Tana is
a young woman she has a whole career ahead of her okay
she has so much that she could do and this goes in to my next concern my next
concern is the people she’s hanging around with and these people who are
enabling her and think it’s a joke and think it’s funny like again referencing
back to little punk like this was a young guy and in that culture there’s so
many people who are abusing xanax as well as other drugs one of the biggest
issues is that it’s part of the culture and
we’ll think it’s fun people think you know we’re just partying it’s okay but
the thing is when you wake up and find your friend dead it’s no longer fun and
another issue is is that when somebody overdoses a lot of people they just
scattered they don’t call the paramedics they don’t call anybody
this person dies because they didn’t get the help that they needed so when I see
Tana Mongeau’s friend says oh here goes animo Joe like I’m like white dude like
what like this isn’t a joke granted he might be on something himself but as you
saw in that video to like her whole crew was kind of egging her on and letting
her get behind the wheel and that video ended with this so the video ends with
her crashing the car while she was high and her friends in the backseat
laughing and messing with her and like I said granted they were probably all on
something but we need to start taking this a little bit more seriously like
it’s 2018 nobody in that car has a problem with money like take an uber if
you are messed up take an uber because thank God it was only wrecking the car
but this could have been hurting one of the passengers it could have been
hurting somebody else randomly on the street an innocent bystander like these
stories happen costly where people run into bus stops where they hit people
walking across the road or you have people who are traumatized for the rest
of their life because they were messed up behind the wheel and they they may
kill one of their friends all right it’s not it’s not worth it for this fun party
lifestyle you know what I mean like just keep in mind I will link to another
video in case you missed it I just did a video of me putting makeup on for my
girl Totti Westbrook it’s just and like we have fun sober like there
was this cultural issue where we’re told that one of the only ways to have fun is
by getting drunk or high and that’s absolutely not true
so Tana if you watch this or anybody else watching this watch who you’re
hanging out with okay and if you are somebody who is enabling
somebody who clearly has a problem you need to really check yourself like
something I have to ask myself every single day is am I gonna be able to go
to sleep at night if this person does if that answers no that I need to change my
relationship with that person okay so lastly my last concern of with Tana is
that she has a very young audience very young audience now again my channel is
not to talk about the other topics that she talks about on her channel of
idubbbz did his own thing on that but like this is specifically about drug use
like there’s an issue when people are in a position to be seen by young
impressionable children because children often associate a person’s lifestyle
with their success and they try to emulate it so some of you may not
realize this but if you remember back in the day when Lindsay Lohan was running
amok getting DUIs every other day there was a time when she actually got a DUI
and she was wearing an American Apparel hoodie the very next week the very next
week that hoodie was sold out all over the country
so what we can deduce from that is kids are not associating the consequences of
alcohol or drug abuse they’re looking at this and they say oh well Tanner’s
famous Tanna has money she’s doing all these things well maybe I should emulate
that if I want to follow in her footsteps I need to do what she’s doing
okay so kids are not necessarily putting those two things together and they’re
not supposed to they’re young they’re kids
that’s what US adults are here for now some of you watching this you may say
well that’s the parents job that’s the parents job Matt you are preaching to
the choir I am somebody who believes that you should know where your kids are
watching my kid loves YouTube he loves YouTube but I know what he’s watching
and if there is even something that might be questionable he and I have a
conversation but upon the whole thing off on the parents is not being
responsible like even Logan Paul mentioned it in his
interview that he recently did after all the backlash from his suicide video what
would you like to say to them I’m gonna be honest with you Michael I think I
think parents should be monitoring what their children are watching more I every
parent I meet whose kids are under the age of like 12 I go hey you you let your
kids watch my stuff and they go yeah what am I gonna do like yes absolutely
parents have a responsibility but we we are fortunate live in a society where
people keep bouncing responsibility from one person to the next
no when you decide that you want to be a person that millions of people are
watching you are also basically signing a moral agreement that you are going to
act in a way that is going to help people rather than hurt people like it’s
a very selfish self-centered way of thinking of saying oh well it’s not my
fault if people watch me and they see what I’m doing like that is extremely
selfish and self-centered so when you get to that position you have to look at
the way you’re living your life and realize that people are watching you if
that’s not something that you want then you shouldn’t go on that path towards
being a recognized person that young people might be watching
so there’s responsibility on all ends from the parents to the actual youtubers
as well as celebrities and things like that but anyways like I said this video
is it’s purely out of concern is purely out of concern about Tana because I
don’t want people to wake up and be surprised by what actually happened
because we see it happening okay so if people in her life do love her and care
for her they are going to intervene so if you’re watching this and you don’t
even know Tana mojo and you’ve watched this video think about who you might be
enabling in your life by simply staying quiet okay
but anyways anyways I’d like to hear your thoughts if you know Tana I’d like
to hear your thoughts about her content and stuff like that about her drug use
go ahead and leave a comment down below but anyways if you liked this video
please give it a thumbs up and if you’re new here I’m always making videos about
mental health addiction and everything else that might be able to help you out
okay so make sure you click the subscribe button or you can click the
top right there check out some other videos on this channel thanks for
watching be kind to each other I’ll see you next time


  1. Kayla Crosby
    Kayla Crosby March 12, 2018

    I found this by just googling “is tana a drug addict?” I used to watch her before she got real famous. Now I will click a video maybe once a month just to see what’s going on and either I am clicking the most incriminating videos or if she’s just that open with it. It’s scary because I know an entire handful of people who have died from drugs or alcohol in the past 18 months. One of my friends is in prison right now for killing a college freshmen on his way back to college from Christmas break. My friend was drinking and driving, on the major highway that he lived on less than 3 miles from his home. He went over the center line for a split second and hit this 18 year old boy and killed him on impact. He also hurt two of his friends in his truck with him. He’s not an awful person but it happened. Another friend of mine just went to sleep after experimenting with a drug her friend gave her and she never woke back up. Another friend went into her friends bathroom and just never came back out. So here we have a 27 year old, a 24 year old and a 32 year old, we have alcohol, a prescription drug, and heroin. It doesn’t care how rich you are, it doesn’t care if you’re a good person and just having fun. One of hear people had a new born, another was a nurse, another a mother just trying to raise her son after her husband killed himself. These drugs don’t care, they just do what they’re created to do and that’s a problem when you abuse them. It’s not okay, it’s not fun to go to funerals when you’re 24 years old. I know tana is just having fun but she needs to slow down. She’s not even of age to drink. I have been 100% reevaluating friendships with people over their view of fun and chilling. I don’t want another friend to die but unfortunately that seems pretty inevitable. I’m not sure I know more than 10 people around my age who are sober. Idk why I’m even here watching this or typing this. It just hit me when you started talking. Maybe I’m just in my emotions because this is the first time I’ve actually dealt with someone speaking this much truth since some of this stuff happened. You should have more views on these videos. You have a lot to say, wisdom.

  2. Candeezy Marie
    Candeezy Marie November 27, 2018

    I'll be honest lets take into account her age and the circle and environment she runs in. In her mind she's living her best life and making as much money as she does on YT I'm sure she in a way feels untouchable. I've watched some of her videos and she's been to jail. She talks about it in her Coachella video. The thing I always wonder is what is fabricated and what is truth from her. I feel like most drug addicts don't go blasting it to the world. Not saying she doesn't have a problem, but it really could be for attention and to look "badass" One day she will look back on her videos and probably feel some cringe.. I know I would.

  3. Bailey Elizabeth
    Bailey Elizabeth November 27, 2018

    Lil Pump didn't die!! That's Lil Peep 🙁

  4. soulchild tiff
    soulchild tiff November 27, 2018

    man i used to love addis. i would stay up for days & just be super content with anything or everything. i loved all the other drugs i did too but addis were always my favorite.

  5. Third Eye Glam
    Third Eye Glam November 28, 2018

    Sadly the only thing people can do is stop feeding her attention/giving her views. I'm by no means similar or claiming to be great but I do think I am a wholesome person and a small content creator and it is SO HARD to get any views if you arent either humiliating yourself or making sex related content. It would mean alot to me if you checked out my channel <3

  6. amanda Derp
    amanda Derp November 28, 2018

    You can tell tana has nothing but a drug problem she's always late she always does crazy shit has crazy stories everyone enables her it's sad she's going to die or get super used and run down it's sad she has her whole life ahead of her she could have so much potential her family didn't give her love and support she needs stability she needs self esteem and to get clean it's so goddamn obvious especially her lack of concept of time and her letting her friends down and coworkers on YouTubers god forbid when she sobers up this shit is documented it makes me sad

  7. amanda Derp
    amanda Derp November 28, 2018

    So one on Trish and Jason too she just posted one and made and underhand comment about coffee and how she thought she would die and Jason said coffee?! It's obvious they both do it too Jason with his "nicotine" gum he chews constantly it's from coke constantly

  8. Alex gayyy
    Alex gayyy November 28, 2018

    I like see the concern here but I feel like nobody’s taking into consideration that she is honestly just joking. Her sense of humor is extremely dark, sarcastic, and overdramatic. She stretches the truth as a joke so it’s highly likely that’s what is actually happening here. Accusing her of being addicted to prescription pills is a stretch.

  9. mia a
    mia a November 28, 2018

    there are some people out there who actually NEED prescription drugs and might not be able to afford it and this bitch is popping pills like they’re candy smh

  10. Goose K
    Goose K November 28, 2018

    Something is DEFINITELY going to happen to her. Nothing like mixing uppers and Downers together. Your heart didn't know how to react and will stop. I'm shocked are how much she talks about it on videos. So stupid! If she's doing that on videos, I can only imagine what she's doing while not filming. So not cool. Especially because young people look up to her.I have a friend who's been struggling with H for about a year now. She was prescribed pain pills for many many years because of two car accidents and then when the doctor's lowered her dose, she just couldn't handle the withdrawals and finally switched. First smoking it and now shooting it. It's so sad to watch someone spiral out of control and have to cut them out of your life, whole still worrying about them not to stop.
    It's VERY VERY true, you can still have fun and NOT be high!

  11. Katie
    Katie November 28, 2018

    Unfortunately, she's too young to realize what's going to happen. 10 years from now, I see her as a broke, homeless drug addict selling herself on the streets of Hollywood looking 40 years old. That is if she doesn't OD beforehand. It's people like this that make it difficult for those who truly needs these medications to get them. Showcasing it to her young audience is obviously going to influence them, which in turn is going to increase the death rate of prescription drugs. It's absolutely sickening to watch her "friends" enable her, but they're the same way. Too young to realize the reality.

  12. Jessie Sims
    Jessie Sims November 28, 2018

    Side note– lil peep died from xanax being laced with fentanyl.

  13. Chase Lopez
    Chase Lopez November 28, 2018

    U mean lil peep not lil pump

  14. THE11TH
    THE11TH November 28, 2018

    Is it just me or is everyone in LA on addy/xans 🌚

  15. Asha Rae
    Asha Rae November 28, 2018

    Thank you for speaking out about this, I'm a recovering addict myself and it really bothers me the way she constantly promotes drugs to her young impressional fan. Especially her getting behind the wheel under the influence, she could have seriously hurt or even killed someone. Great video, keep up the good work.

  16. Hailee Kay
    Hailee Kay November 28, 2018

    im shook that he called lil peep lil pump

  17. Ashley Monroe
    Ashley Monroe November 28, 2018

    i think you meant Lil Peep instead of Lil Pump. Rest in peace peep, and mac Miller. drug abuse isnt funny, and drug addictions are some of the biggest struggles a person can go through.

  18. Monica K
    Monica K November 29, 2018

    I think you are mixing up lil pump and lil peep but still an informative video

  19. zoe 101
    zoe 101 November 29, 2018

    ugh, i don’t understand why no one is making a bigger deal of this.. all the adderall, oxycodone, and xanax.. driving on xanax too at one point. it’s crazy! tana is setting an AWFUL example. adderall in an oxy bottle? why? oh because it’s not prescribed to you. i was prescribed to adderall for years, starting at age 14 because of my major ADD.. it was awful and it made my depression and anxiety worse.. when i asked my psychiatrist to take me off of it, he did and he had to give me something to help with weaning off of it. it was HORRIBLE. never again. my heart never beat faster in my life on that medication.. it’s so dangerous. she’s playing with fire and she’ll get burnt sooner or later. with all these tragic overdoses and deaths and suicides, you’d think it would open people’s eyes. especially tana’s, did mac miller (how she had to post their private messages, she clearly cared about him) not just recently pass away from mixing drugs causing an overdose? it’s awful to watch. there needs to be more awareness and attention brought to this.

  20. bubbles
    bubbles November 29, 2018

    She constantly hangs around people who do major drugs. I suspect she does too. I agree that she probably regularly uses Xanax regularly for sure. I hope she stops. She’s annoying sometimes but I sure as hell don’t wanna see her die.

  21. Alina Nahz
    Alina Nahz November 29, 2018

    Love shweed

  22. EmE
    EmE November 29, 2018

    Drug addiction sucks, alcohol is a depressant. Pills lead to heroin.

  23. Brandi Nicole.
    Brandi Nicole. November 29, 2018

    It was a pleasure working with you at Desert Hope. Just wanted to let you know that the rapper that died is named Lil Peep. 🙂

  24. Sam I Am
    Sam I Am November 29, 2018

    What’s really sad is the increase in the number of prescription drug addicted babies being born each year. So many babies are left to suffer from withdrawals because mom was too selfish to make the right decision. I wouldn’t even take most over the counter medicine while pregnant without consulting a doctor let alone anything else. I had a friend stop talking to me when she got pregnant. I told her that smoking and drinking energy drinks was irresponsible and unhealthy for her baby. She said she didn’t care. I’m sorry but if you can’t give up something like drugs or caffeine for your baby, you shouldn’t be a parent.

  25. Leslie Nizama
    Leslie Nizama November 30, 2018

    I'm sure she's already moved on to coke.

  26. Ari's Safari
    Ari's Safari December 3, 2018

    It deffinately doesn't help that her "friends" laugh and make jokes either KNOWING what's happening is very dangerous and wrong. I think when they act like that it makes tana think shes cute and funny looking whether she knows its wrong or not i feel like she thinks she needs to keep that act up for whatever reason I guess to keep her "friends" because she has no one else and or views. Watch her kill someone driving under the influence and then make an excuse for herself to look like the victim…. I hear shes good at that. She needs a LOT of mental help dude. A LOT.

  27. omghai2u
    omghai2u December 3, 2018

    lil pump is completely alive. you meant to say "lil peep"

  28. blue neighbourhood
    blue neighbourhood December 4, 2018

    we been knew sis

  29. through rose-coloured eyes
    through rose-coloured eyes December 4, 2018

    i respect you so much. thankyou for sharing your voice. prescription drugs need to be talked about loudly. it's sad because most people who become addicted to them, are prescribed them before they are even aware of the damage and havoc it will reap. 💛 it's a huge epidemic that everyone seems to ignore: especially those who are meant to prolong the life of a patient (the doctors).

  30. Jennifer Cook
    Jennifer Cook December 4, 2018

    So I take a Ritalin based ADD drug for actual ADD and it’s people like her who have made it a nightmare to get prescriptions over the past few years. They control it so strictly because people like her are abusing it and getting them for disorders they don’t have. Luckily I’m financially stacked enough to go through the appointments to get it prescribed but I feel for people who don’t have the money or time to see a psychiatrist every 2 months.

  31. Insane Blondie
    Insane Blondie December 6, 2018

    This is the marina joyce situation all over

  32. S U P R E 〽 E
    S U P R E 〽 E December 6, 2018

    You mean Lil Peep

  33. Rachel Eh?
    Rachel Eh? December 6, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing this. This is so important. You have a great message.

  34. liz eats
    liz eats December 7, 2018

    Preach!!! I love Tana but as a recovering addict I'm worried.

  35. UNstableMAyble
    UNstableMAyble December 7, 2018

    They all enable each other, it’s so strange to me how the environment I was in drugs didn’t even feel illegal, I had friends take xans crash on their push bike, end up in hospital and then 2 days later take it again, it’s crazy how when you’re around people like that noting feeling wrong or dangerous or threatening, it’s so hard to get out of that environment and the only way you really can is to completely cut out everyone who enables that lifestyle and that’s so difficult to do especially for someone like tana where her work and friends is so intertwined.

  36. Kyra
    Kyra December 7, 2018

    The stories she tells sound just like shit I did when I was addicted to heroin & prescription pills

    Also btw it was Lil Peep who OD’d on Xanax, Lil Pump is a different rapper who’s still alive…I don’t blame you for getting it mixed up 😂

  37. Allyson Crist
    Allyson Crist December 7, 2018

    I personally take adderal for my ADD and I rarely take it. My bottle says to take one daily, but I only take it as needed. Which is how it should be taken. I'm not for people abusing drugs, only take it if you need it. If you think you need it, make a Doctor's appointment and figure out how to get a prescription. Also, please don't take adderal and drink. This is coming from personal experience. I took my adderal later in the afternoon before my test and then went to a party that same night and drank. At the time I didn't notice how much I was drinking and ended up blacking out. My sister had to come get me and it was very embarrassing. My advice, don't overdo it with the drinks. You'll thank me later when you don't wakeup at the bottom of the stairs.

  38. Lindsey Sloan
    Lindsey Sloan December 7, 2018

    Embarrassing to admit but I have been going to a methadone clinic for the last six years. There have been four deaths of people who were attending my clinic and all four of them had been abusing Xanax with their methadone. The clinic is actually VERY strict about Xanax and alcohol and will knock you down to 40 mg if it's shows up in your system BUT people find new ways everyday to fool the drug screens. It really is SERIOUS.

  39. yarixza mendoza
    yarixza mendoza December 7, 2018

    what I don't understand is why are these dumbass people are getting so famous when there are so many great youtubers out there like yourself? youtube NEEDS to ban these types of people they are not good influences and I bet the people that watch them the most is children and teens. like wtf is up with society these days?

  40. Zaria Cofer
    Zaria Cofer December 7, 2018

    Floored at the fact the Xans kill more people than Fentanyl

  41. Samantha Burkhart
    Samantha Burkhart December 7, 2018

    I almost cried when you said lil pump instead of lil peep omg

  42. Mari juana
    Mari juana December 7, 2018

    First video I’ve seen of you & 👀🤤 I think you’d be even more handsome fully bald, just saying….🤫………

  43. All Day Son
    All Day Son December 7, 2018

    Why the fuck would you be concerned about someone you don’t know. You’re an idiot get a life

  44. All Day Son
    All Day Son December 7, 2018

    Kind of creepy you watch this girls videos she like 18 you’re 40 what a creep

  45. Dylanbroussard
    Dylanbroussard December 8, 2018

    Lil peep died from xanax laced with fentynol. Xanax overdose deaths are very rare unless it's mixed or combined with other drugs or alcohol

  46. Amanda Didion
    Amanda Didion December 8, 2018

    I take Adderall 5mg daily for ADHD and fatigue due to lupus & fibromyalgia. I never got why people abuse it, but I totally get why oxycodone is. I've been prescribed it for lower back arthritis and chronic migraines. I've only had two bottles and I'm already starting to feel dependent. I've never taken Xanax, but I've had ativan through IV and pills. I totally get why people abuse benzos as well

  47. Sarandon Capri
    Sarandon Capri December 8, 2018

    You’re videos are so respectful. I really appreciate that there is someone out there who is using social media as a platform to help instead of just gossip for views

  48. aminini
    aminini December 9, 2018

    I started Vyvanse a while ago and it has seriously done so much for me but I resent the fact that I don't know who I am without it anymore.

    I tried not to take it when I had weeks off. I'd end up feeling very depressed and not showering for the whole week. Then bounce back straight away when I took it again.

    Vyvanse is the same as Adderall, same molecules it's just long action.

  49. Kelsey C.
    Kelsey C. December 9, 2018

    You made so many great points! You came up in my recommendations and I just subscribed ☺️ I hate that people think they have to be drunk or high on pills to have fun. I’m 23 and I enjoy a drink now and again, but so many of my peers have died or come so close and it’s so terrible 😞

  50. Tee Tee
    Tee Tee December 9, 2018

    Lil pump is alive. That wasn't that guys name. Just an fyi.

    Edit: His name was Lil Peep

  51. Daniella Nicole
    Daniella Nicole December 9, 2018

    I love tans , but as a mental health advocate myself, I love this vid and channel ! You just gained a new subscriber! Xo

  52. Molli Crabtree
    Molli Crabtree December 9, 2018

    This is a great video I feel like theres a lot of people that aren't being told or dont know things like this

  53. AmandaLynn
    AmandaLynn December 10, 2018

    I have endometriosis and my doctor is willing to write me whatever script I want and after finding this channel and seeing the comments of people who wish they didn't start prescription drugs, I'll just deal with the pain naturally.

  54. AnnieisinPain _
    AnnieisinPain _ December 11, 2018

    Please stop contributing to disabled & cancer patient suicide. No, prescription Opioids are not killing more people than illicit drugs. NCBI recognizes addiction as moderately to highly heritable & CDC data shows that more people with addiction die without access to pharmaceutical grade substances. When people with OUD cannot obtain these then they go to illegal drugs with no quality control & that is how they die. This is the REAL mechanic of the overdose outbreak.

  55. kaya sawyer
    kaya sawyer December 11, 2018

    It wasn’t xanax that killed Lil Peep it was laced with fentanyl. Not to say that xanax isn’t bad but just saying for clarification.

  56. Natalie Ricci
    Natalie Ricci December 11, 2018

    You should interview me. I have been a Xanax/klonopin-any benzo binger and it ruined my life.

  57. anna jones
    anna jones December 12, 2018

    Honestly I did Xanax once last year and this guy didn’t warn me not to drink and smoke. It was the first time I blacked out a part of the night and I just felt stupid the next day. I only did one bar. Please don’t ever do it guys seriously and if you do DONT drink with it

  58. Samantha Ghost
    Samantha Ghost December 12, 2018

    Lil Peep died from fentynol laced Xanax, not just Xanax

  59. Danielle DaGraca
    Danielle DaGraca December 13, 2018

    lil peep passed you dumbass not lil pump

  60. Kittty_xo
    Kittty_xo December 13, 2018

    Good video!!! But lil peep died from fentanyl laced in the Xanax

  61. K J
    K J December 13, 2018

    Young kid that is living for today and not for the future, running around with a bunch of enabler friends… we see it all the time in the ER. sad

  62. Amber Elizabeth
    Amber Elizabeth December 13, 2018

    Lil peep***

  63. SH
    SH December 14, 2018

    lil peep died from xanax laced with fentanyl. nonetheless, prescription drug abuse is a serious problem. also, if you don't know where your meds come, the same thing can happen to anyone. buying from streets or a random person – you don't know what you're buying

  64. sarahbellum
    sarahbellum December 14, 2018

    Xanax is also more (literally) addictive than any opioid.

  65. BAE-HOE-ven
    BAE-HOE-ven December 14, 2018

    we all know she'll die young of a drug overdose.

  66. Crystal R.
    Crystal R. December 14, 2018

    AMEN!!!! I've had too many beloved friends who have died of overdose where the people they were with, didnt call for help. Tana is a hot mess. I believe she has a good heart though. You're right, she could be doing so much MORE! I pray she gets the help she needs. I'd hate to see anything happen to her.

  67. ani98
    ani98 December 14, 2018

    Just saying u should correct your video to say Lil PEEP instead of Lil PUMP, it’s disrespectful when you think about the fact your reporting on a guy that died and you don’t know his name

  68. Shlby n
    Shlby n December 14, 2018

    Very well done, I wish this could reach her audience.

  69. Laura Jones
    Laura Jones December 14, 2018

    Lil peep didn’t die of a Xanax overdose , his Xanax was laced

  70. Caitlyn Gaston
    Caitlyn Gaston December 15, 2018

    Yeah I wish she would be careful about making prescription drugs seem cool and not serious. Poisonings (from drugs) are a leading cause of death. It’s a serious problem we shouldn’t glamorize.

  71. ThatGirlSMOKEY SLUG
    ThatGirlSMOKEY SLUG December 15, 2018

    I’m 25, we used to do xans, narcos, Peres, oxy etc when I was in high school. That was around 09. It was just a few crowds doing it but now it’s sooooooo mainstream. It’s scary. My friend went to rehab when we were in hs over Vicodin… it’s a joke. Weed only… “No pillin, just element twisting.”

  72. hannah
    hannah December 15, 2018

    i agree with you 100% but in one of her songs she calls herself xana as a joke that’s why they called her that

  73. Sandra Campbell
    Sandra Campbell December 15, 2018

    Wow great video thanks for your wise words 🙏🏼

  74. That Niki Life
    That Niki Life December 15, 2018

    As a former heroin addict, actually, I've been addicted to everything at one time in my life but regardless, I do agree with much of what u said, however, Lil Pump isnt dead.. I think u meant to say Lil Peep..

  75. DNTV
    DNTV December 16, 2018

    I disliked because you're talking out your ass here and it's extremely dangerous to people who are naive and listen to your crap. You cannot die from a Xanax overdose. It's impossible. The only deaths that come from Xanax are when people take them with other drugs or go through withdrawals because Benzodiazepines and Alcohol are the only drugs where users can actually die from withdrawal symptoms. The reason Lil Peep died was because he took Xanax with a ton of other drugs. Fentanyl, Cocaine & Tramadol to name a few. Please don't spread false information. If you want to be a YouTuber with a channel that does these kinds of videos, please do your homework first.

  76. Market Beats
    Market Beats December 16, 2018

    lil pump is still alive, lil peep died from xan

  77. Alexandra L
    Alexandra L December 17, 2018

    That’s lil peep 💔 not pump

  78. artist45
    artist45 December 17, 2018

    She's immature; she has no self control; she doesn't seem to have any boundaries and she surrounds herself with people who are enablers and users. Sadly, by the time she's 30 (or sooner) she'll either be in re-hab, prison or dead if she doesn't make some serious changes to her life. Unfortunately it seems that she has too much money and that doesn't help the situation. She needs to make some changes in her life before things get seriously bad.

  79. Kayla Mefford
    Kayla Mefford December 17, 2018

    not lil pump. it was lil peep.

  80. Natalie D
    Natalie D December 17, 2018

    “Yes” people are extremely dangerous.

  81. stoned grandpa
    stoned grandpa December 17, 2018

    I stopped taking xanax because I would black out and get hostile. Cocaine is so expensive and the entire experience is just chasing a high and getting excited to do your next line. People are dicks on cocaine anyways. I like adderall as needed, but it keeps me up for days unable to eat. None of these drugs are worth it.

  82. Megan Mae
    Megan Mae December 18, 2018

    I’m someone who has dealt with mental health issues for so long. It runs in my family. For a while I started going down hill with drugs an alcohol in highschool. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been in highschool and it’s so concerning how kids do these things recreationally and don’t think about the way it could change their lives because everyone else is doing it. It’s so much worse when big influencers are saying hey it’s ok and fun. Like I said earlier about being someone who deals with mental health issues, I know I’m susceptible to drug abuse ect. My friend gave me adderall once and my come down was so bad I was contemplating suicide. It only took that one second to be like what am I doing right now? After that I stopped abusing drugs and alcohol & I know I’m lucky I just had that split second realization bc a lot of kids don’t and grow up with these problems. I think it’s so bad that influencers promote this stuff w young audiences. Whatever you do in your private time is cool, but when you have such a large influence like that you should certainly not be showing it off. But I guess it takes a different level of maturity to understand that.

  83. olivberr
    olivberr December 18, 2018

    Hope she gets to a place where she watches this and makes actual changes for herself. She has way too much talent to just waste it all.

    For me the drugs almost tricked my mind into thinking “everything is fine and this is the way”. Then I got dark and depressed. But it wasn’t me it was the chemicals.

  84. L . Ka
    L . Ka December 18, 2018

    lilpeep died from fentanyl which was in his xanax

  85. Annika14 _
    Annika14 _ December 18, 2018

    Lil peep not lil pump

  86. Santos Garcia
    Santos Garcia December 19, 2018

    Lil peep not lil pump just a correction

  87. lady newunit
    lady newunit December 20, 2018

    I feel like this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think that you should HAVE to be 18+ to post any public content on YouTube…honestly. I think kids should be able to watch it sure, with the parents monitoring it, etc. (maybe on the down low, so your kid doesn't resent you bc we know how they are at that age lol). I know what you;re gonna say "Then what are the kids going to watch, then?" —How about cat videos? That was the coolest thing to watch when YT first came out! Not to mention there are PLENTY of adult content creators that are extremely family friendly, even toy review channels. Why would you want your kid watching another kid opening all the new and awesome toys that are out anyway?!? All that is doing it putting in their heads "Oh, I WANT THAT TOY/THING! That kid looks like he's having an awesome time!", etc. It's like instead of the toy commercials between tv shows we watched as kids, it's like an entire video of a toy commercial. Let's not even get into parents exploiting their kids for money or pedos. I could go on and on about it. The amount of views young girls channels get is literally disgusting. Now–if we want "kid channels", let's make an ACTUAL YT kids and do it the right way! And there needs to be laws with this type of thing too, like how many hours your kid can work in a day, etc. Anyway, I think a lot of people won't agree but I honestly think that's the problem. Kids that are waaaaaaaaaay too young making/posting "content" publicly, most of the time without the parents knowledge is at an all time high. Musically, Tik Tok, Instagram, even YT now. I feel like even Facebook! It's a crazy spiral to watch. Girls who are twelve getting "famous" and rich af for dressing very scandalously and being a spoiled brat and being on a tv show (not even for a good reason, it was because she was a "problem child" or whatever). That seems like enabling to me as well. I feel like that is the mothers enabling their young daughters to do this – sometimes to maybe live vicariously through them, or because THEY want the lifestyle/$. Not sure…but yeah there we go. Ok…rant over. 🙂

  88. S Kate
    S Kate December 20, 2018

    I have taken adderall since I was a child. I was prescribed it. Years later I was retested. Again and again and again. Basically I’m saying I know I have adhd because it has been confirmed by 6 5 different doctors. I take adderal as I need to. I take it on the week days unless I don’t have work or whatever (I take it much less often now) but it actually helps me. Without it I can not focus nearly as well. And to hear this tool that I need in life to function better and more productively just being used just for the heck of it. Ugh

  89. Rachel Marie-Pfeifer
    Rachel Marie-Pfeifer December 20, 2018

    Holy shit your tone is sooooooooo telling when you open this video.

  90. pudding
    pudding December 23, 2018

    we been knew

  91. Chris Dooley
    Chris Dooley December 27, 2018

    I’d like to hear your solution regarding the opioid epidemic and how people like me with chronic intractable pain have no choice but to take them. I see a pain doctor I follow my written contract and use one pharmacy only and yet the state has cut my regular meds by HALF because of the shitheads who abuse them. Very frustrating

  92. Ali B.
    Ali B. January 7, 2019

    it like physically hurt me to like this. It's so stressful to me to know that there's people like her/her friends who think drug addiction/driving while under the influence/whatever is a joke and random people out in the world have no idea. She could have hurt someone and has young followers I can't believe!!!!

  93. Len Rog5
    Len Rog5 January 10, 2019

    Oxycodone and vicodin arent much different anyway..

  94. escape time
    escape time January 11, 2019

    Ahh I dance w the same shit. I cut out the adderall because it makes you incredibly unstable with your emotions and brings on a massive depression (whatever goes up must go down!). Our culture is going to end up killing me

  95. Joey Denis
    Joey Denis January 13, 2019

    My ex boyfriend had a prescription drug addiction, specifically Xanax. And he hid it from me for the entire relationship. I didn’t know anything really about what prescription drugs are, but when I found out it made a lot of sense. One night he went to sleep, and the next morning I woke up next to him, he wasn’t moving, wouldn’t wake up and that’s when I realised he also wet the bed. He’s a 27 year old man. The worst part about the whole situation is, I tried to help him, looked into how to treat this addiction and he didn’t care, thought actually the whole situation was funny. I stopped all contact with him.

  96. Lula García Márquez
    Lula García Márquez January 16, 2019

    What concerns me is that so many kids look up to her (unfortunately) and her minimising the use and abuse of prescription drugs is setting such a bad example. She needs to stop doing that. I’m a heroin addict in recovery and my drug problem began with prescription drugs. Like you say, there’s nothing fun about that. I feel angry and worried at the same time about Tana.

  97. Ray Rex
    Ray Rex January 20, 2019

    He didn’t die of a overdose. He died because his Xanax was laced with Fentanyl.

  98. Cero
    Cero January 27, 2019

    I really don’t understand why she’s so popular.

  99. Amanda R
    Amanda R March 2, 2019

    It’s frustrating as an addict to watch her glamorize drug use so much as if it isn’t the most vicious and heartbreaking thing to go through opioid/drug addiction.. this girl has so much influence on the younger generation and has so many vulnerable minds watching and she’s just openly making it seem cool and fun when people who have addictive personalities will fall into these habits and it will ultimately ruin not only their lives but the lives of their loved ones too.. it’s fuckin sick watching her and her friends all xanned out behind the wheel, like way to potentially put innocent people at risk for your shitty decision to operate a motor vehicle when you CLEARLY fuckin shouldn’t. I’m battling addiction and I’m completely understanding that we as addicts make mistakes but take other people’s lives into consideration especially with the following she has.
    New to your channel, I love the content. More people need to bring light to this epidemic. Keep doing what you’re doing ❤️🙏

  100. Tiffany Ann
    Tiffany Ann April 23, 2019


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