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The Connection Between Sugar and Drug Relapse Potential

Hello this is Lyle freed founder and CEO
of The Shores Treatment and Recovery. Want to talk today a little bit about the
connection between sugar and relapse potential. Our prefrontal cortex the
portion of our brain that does all our executive function and helps with
decision-making, planning, willpower is all driven and fueled by glucose. So we
need some sugar for our brain to operate properly. The problem is that refined
sugars and simple carbohydrates give a rush of that sugar which then plummets
in a reactive hypoglycemic reaction. As it goes down we lose that ability to
have that executive function to make the decisions and also it leaves the limbic
system which this now begins cravings. So as your cravings increase your ability
to fight them decreases. The other thing that happens as your sugar drops, it
increases stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol. So now you’ve added stress
factors to lowered prefrontal cortex executive function to the same time it
increase cravings. When you combine all these factors the odds of relapse are increased greatly. Simply by changing the way you eat and reducing
the simple sugars and adding more protein on a regular basis you can
simplify that process and even out your glycemic levels throughout the day and
reduce a relapse potential. you

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