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The LSR Injection Molding Process at SIMTEC Silicone Parts

Hello there. You must be here to find out
about SIMTEC and our manufacturing process.
Great! First on the SIMTEC tour is design and materials.
SIMTEC offers design and material selection assistance
that can improve the manufacturability and the performance for the part.
We help our customers choose the right materials for their application.
LSR is available in medical, food contact, and higher thermal resistant grades.
And it can be self-adhesive or oil bleeding. Next step is tooling.
We help you save on tooling costs by giving you the number of cavities required to produce
the number of parts you need produced each year.
If you need truckloads of parts, a higher cavitation tool is selected.
If you only need a couple of truckloads, a low cavitation
tool will meet your program’s needs. Next step is validation and the production
part approval process. Look’s like this part’s a winner.
The PPAP has been approved, and the part matches the specification spelled out in the print
and the PPAP so, now we’re ready for production. Your first part and your 100 millionth part
need to be exactly the same, so quality assurance is a part of every step of the process.
We implement measures to make sure your part is at the highest quality from the beginning
to end. And to ensure that your parts are always consistent,
we inspect your parts based on the sampling frequency that
your part requires. We can inspect 1 per 100 or 100 percent if
needed. Perfect parts need perfect packaging. We optimize
for the number of parts per box, types of separators, and the number of boxes per pallet.
Everything is optimized specifically for your program.
So now you know how SIMTEC brings your product from concept to production.
We’re not just an LSR injection molder. We are your solutions provider. To learn more,

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