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The Path of WE || Wilderness Therapy at Anasazi Foundation

The Path of WE, to me, is the
culmination of all of the other paths. When—when the Young Walkers get to
The Path of WE usually they’re pretty excited about it. Because everything fits
together. You get to see how important everyone is to everyone else. This
journey that this Young Walker is on—in the narrative of the story—The Path of
WE completes his journey, and he returns to his people because all along the way
these lessons from nature have been teaching him the importance of WE. And
what’s meant by that is that it—it— Ezekiel would say that “it’s not just about
me”—because that’s a common mantra that we hear, right? Is: “It’s all about me!”
It’s not. It’s all about WE. We mistakenly believe, in our—sort of—modern thought
that happiness and fulfillment is gonna come by focusing on me, on the self, which
is the problem with self-help is the self part of the self-help. The help
part is not the problem! If we can understand this concept of WE—that
there’s people that we belong to—and the most powerful medicine that we have
access to is in that connection that we have with other people. If we understand that concept, then we understand that there’s nothing that’s
more important than WE—that all of the things that that we think are gonna lead us to
happiness aren’t. And that when we’re connected with our people is when we
become whole, when we find ourselves through that. To me, that’s the essence of
The Path of WE—and I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it happen time after time with these
families have gone through Anasazi and they discover themselves in the connection
they have with WE—not just in the groups but more essentially, in their families.
After this journey that they’ve been on through this program, they come to this
experience in Family Camp. It’s not just an academic understanding. And that’s one of the key things that I think that people need to get. Because there’s an
understanding that comes in the brain and there’s an understanding that comes
in the heart. When want to understand— truly—another person we have to
understand them with our heart

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